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My First Experience with Christian Hip Hop feat. Playdough & DJ Sean P

As part of Sketch the Journalist’s “CHH 101″ series of posts for WadeORadio.com about the history of the gospel rap movement, he’ll be sharing video interviews he’s conducted with some of the genre’s top names about their first experience with Christian hip hop.

In this outing, you’ll hear:

    • How and why Playdough often asks his fans to pray for him
    • The Christian rapper’s album cover Playdough described as the “black Huey Lewis”
    • Which rapping Christians caught DJ Sean P‘s ear

NOTE: Unfortunately the volume for this clip is rather low.

Apologies in advance, but simply “turn up.”


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Sketch the Journalist is a freelance hiphop writer living in the thriving country metropolis of Cut-N-Shoot, Texas. Down with gospel rap since Stephen Wiley’s “Bible Break” in 1986, he has chewed, reviewed, and interviewed most of Christian hiphop’s major players. Sketch holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Sam Houston State University and was once an intern at the New York Times Houston Bureau. You can follow Sketch on Twitter @Sketchthej or log-on to sketchthejournalist.com.

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