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Fedel ‘V.I.P.’ – Full Interview


Tune in as Wade-O talks with Fedel about the V.I.P Concept, the issues plaguing Christian Hip Hop, his relationship with his Father, and the I Will Be Movement.


On his new album VIP“You can expect my new album VIP to be a mix between I Live and Club David.  Content-wise it will sound like I Live.  Musically it will sound like Club David. ”

On his relationship with his father: “When I was 14, we lived in Memphis, one of the worst neighborhoods in the city…My father told me that he was put on this earth to make my life difficult…He still to this day does not feel like he has done anything wrong to me, mother or my sister.”

On his reconciling with his father: “At this place I am now…I love my father.  I used to couldn’t tell him that, but now I can tell him that.”

On dealing with pain: “I had a homey who lost his mother to cancer and two months later lost his wife to divorce….when your in situations like that, you’re just trying to keep people sane…I’ve dealt with real pain and real issues.  Our hope is in God and we need to remind people of that.”

On engaging the culture: “There are somethings that are not black and white and we have to maneuver through it.  There are dudes that have made decisions and a year from now, will regret that decision.”

On the differences of opinion on ministry philosophies: There is an issue going on right now in Christian Hip Hop. Period. And I don’t want there  to be a separation.  I want to avoid a church split.

You can stream or download the interview below:

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In our interview, we spoke with Fedel about:

– (0:34): His Experience at SXSW 2013
– (1:34): The success of “Club David” and the After Dark College Tour
– (3:15): His new album VIP
– (4:22): The Next Level of “I Will Be Everything They Said I Will Not Be
– (5:15): The Issues College Students are facing
– (7:52): Growing up in a dysfunctional home
– (10:41): Doing what he does without the support of family
– (14:12): Engaging the culture
– (19:50):  Finding a middle ground in ministry philosophies
– (21:41): The fans reaction to the issues in Christian Hip Hop
– (24:24):  The Rest of 2013 for Fedel Music
– (25:46): Books that have blessed him

Fedel’s Contact:

– Web: | Twitter: @FedelMusic

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