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Event Review: God Belongs in My City Miami Prayer Walk


With bottled water in hand and a God Belongs in My City T-shirt on, many gathered in Miami, FL on Saturday, June 1st to eagerly seek the Lord and pray for the city.

This marked the third year for the Miami prayer walk, which provided good weather and enthusiastic spirits. Last year, the prayer walk took place in August, and many were greeted with rain.


Photo Courtesy of Mikaela: Walkers, escorted by police, cross street

This year the sun shined past the partly cloudy skies, as an [estimated] 100 Miamians from different cultures and denominations gathered at the Tina Hills Pavilion at Bayfront Park, ready to pray and declare that God belongs in the city of Miami.

A blessing was given before the walk began and attendees were simply asked to show God’s love as they walked Downtown Miami.

The prayer walk began at 9 a.m. and started at East Flagler Street and moved along Biscayne Blvd, passing the American Airlines Arena. The prayer walk was accompanied by two police officers, who escorted walkers for the approximated two mile walk.


Photo Courtesy of Mikaela: Walkers continue to pray and walk along the streets of Downtown Miami

Along the way, many extended their hands as they prayed for the stores and government buildings they passed. “God belongs! In my City!” could be heard chanted as onlookers watched the attendees walk by.

Some walkers periodically stopped to pray with the homeless and engage in conversation with other Miamians. At one point, the entire group stopped in front of one of the government buildings to extend hands and pray for the officials employed there, and for the Lord to give them wisdom and strength to make right decisions to positively affect the city.


Photo Courtesy of Mikaela: GBIMC Miami Coordinator Fred Gutierrez stands in prayer

“We are standing in the gap for the city. We are praying to the Lord to bring revival to Miami, so He can change the city to His favor and will,” GBIMC Miami Coordinator Fred Gutierrez told Wade-O Radio.

Gutierrez, enthusiastic and willing, could be heard switching languages, from English to Spanish, to speak to attendees and onlookers as he walked along the prayer walk path.

Young and old could be heard praying to God in different languages, chanting Jesus and kindly greeting the homeless and shop and restaurant owners.

As the prayer walk portion came to a close, attendees made their way to the Pavilion for Praise and Worship, a small sermon and concert like series.

During Praise and Worship, many lifted their hands and cried out to the Lord. The zeal and eager hearts of everyone in attendance was evident as young people graced the stage to pray for each cardinal direction in the city.

A small sermon on Matthew 14:13-21 (Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand) was given by Central Bible Church Pastor David Stocker Jr., and concluded with praise and worship and a giveaway.


Photo Courtesy of Mikaela: Ariel Pottinger performing her song “M.I.A.” at the GBIMC Miami Prayer walk

As the event transitioned into the mini concert portion, many assumed that the event was officially over, and did not stay to hear music from rapper Sean “Anointed” Olivera and GBIMC contest winner Ariel Pottinger.

Ariel’s song, “M.I.A” featuring Paul Morris and E-van from Authentik, won the GBIMC Miami theme song contest.

Though the event was a success, I would say that the decrease in numbers during the mini concert was the only disappointing moment to the event, as many did not stay to hear the Gospel being performed through the avenue of rhythm and praise and rap. I believe that the lack of communication, assisted in the decrease of attendance for that specific portion of the event.

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But for those who remained, Anointed and Ariel, accompanied by Morris and two vocalists, continued to boost the moral that was already present.

Overall, the God Belongs in My City event ended how it all began. Individuals crying out to the Father for a broken city to be healed through prayer.


Photo Courtesy of Mikaela: GBIMC attendees hold a sign declaring that “Jesus is Lord.”

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