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Event Recap: Thi’sl, J Givens, J. Monty, Ty Brasel & 5ive // The Heart of the King Tour // Webster, TX


The Heart of the King Tour 2016 featuring Thi’sl, JGivens, J. Monty, Ty Brasel, and 5ive wrapped up this weekend. Wade-O contributor Sketch the Journalist (IG: @SketchtheJ) hit up the Webster, Texas stop (just south of Houston) on September 30th to capture the scene.


The 10-city tour mostly visited Texas and parts of the southwest United States. The lineup offered listeners a diverse array of hip hop styles and has been fun to watch roll out via social media as the guys played off each other during their travels. JGivens’ “We’re coming to [fill in city name] today, tell your friends, tell all of your friends” road song is especially catchy when sung by the whole crew on Instagram Stories.

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

5ive exhibited great passion throughout his set, while the youngster Ty Brasel introduced fans to his recent hits. Meanwhile, J. Monty painted pictures with his multi-layered lyrics.

Processed with Snapseed.

JGivens may be known for his witty wordplay, but he also brought out some danceable jams that even included a little Michael Jackson throwback.

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As he ran through songs from his latest Against All Odds album, Thi’sl encouraged crowds to share the heart of King Jesus within their local communities.


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