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Event Recap: Spotlight Tour with Propaganda and Sho Baraka – Houston, TX


In Houston, just a few days before Election 2016, race, politics and the church were the thriving topics for the Spotlight Tour with Sho Baraka and Propaganda. It wasn’t just nominal topics and problems of the church that headlined the discussion, but simple thoughtful solutions and discussion occurred between Sho and Propaganda.

The conversation was informal and about the history of America. It challenged the church to look at race differently, and it also had entertaining skits featuring Sho Baraka and Beautiful Eulogy. Prop and Sho would take turns at the mic while the other sat on a couch on stage. When one was finished, they would return to the couch to conversate about their performance and the issues they brought up. They took this tour to a few cities, but they made the conversation seem fresh and new, as if they were having it for the first time.

One of the more impactful topics they touched on was white privilege, in which they slightly cringed, as a good number of the diverse crowd was caucasian. Prop and Sho discussed how we all have privilege here in America and some more than others, particularly some of those who are white. They explained that you are not guilty of having privilege but that you should recognize it, and use your privilege in a way that isn’t damaging but helpful.

This reminded me of the rich man in Matthew 19, when Jesus told him to sell his possessions and give them to the poor. I’m not sure what exactly white privileged Americans, or any American should do, but a change in the body of Christ can be had in that spirit of giving and communing between each other; we may see better relationships start to develop.


Sho, along with his guitar player, performs “Maybe Both” from Sho’s latest album, The Narrative.

Propaganda gives the crowd a history lesson and challenges the audience, that we are not as smart as we would like to think, especially comparing ourselves to the past. Propaganda poured out his heart on how he fights against his own self-interests with a performance of his new song, “Cynical”.

Check out some more photos from the tour below.

Humble Beast released Part 1 of the conversation with Sho and Propaganda from the Spotlight Tour. Check out the video below:

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