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Event Recap: Hometeam Tour with KB & Trip Lee feat. Ty Brasel & Joseph Solomon (Plant City, Florida)


Disclaimer: All views presented in this review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

As I sat on my couch waiting, both for my friend to show up and my camera to charge, I started to think back to the last concert I’ve been to. It was taking me much longer to remember than I would have liked it to. The truth is, it has been years since I was last at a Christian Hip-Hop show. I’ve been to Rock the Universe and seen artists perform sets, but that’s not a show. As this discovery really started to set in, something that I haven’t felt in CHH in a while made an appearance; nervous excitement.

By the time my friend showed up, I was near giddy to be back at a CHH show. I was excited to be in the environment and be surrounded with other believers. I was also excited to be around passionate CHH fans. A good CHH show is exhilarating. The chanting, jumping and worshipping is an experience that is hard to describe. No collection of artists in CHH consistently deliver shows like the one I described like Reach Records.

Ty Brasel at The HomeTeam Tour | Plant City, FL | Credit: A. McKay

Whether it’s the whole label, a couple of artists on their own or just one artist putting on the show, there is nothing like a Reach Records show. Almost every single one of my best concert experiences includes Reach Records. The amount of resources that Reach puts into a show is unmatched and that allows for creativity to flourish. Reach always brings top-notch visuals and lighting to their shows. A show from a Reach artist is unlike any other show. All of this is capped off with an energy that truly makes that show unforgettable.

When you mention an energetic artist, one of the first names that has to come to mind is KB. KB is not simply one of the most energetic performers in CHH, he is one of the most energetic artists. Everything is turned up a notch when KB shows up. Soon he will be showing up near you because he is back on tour with Trip Lee for the “Hometeam” tour. I was able to catch this tour at the opening stop in Plant City, Florida.

The energy was definitely up in Plant City, as the church was buzzing with excitement. The crowd was a couple hundred strong and was very diverse. The opening act on this tour is the up and coming Ty Brasel. Ty’s set showed his inexperience. It was an uneven set that never really seemed to gain it’s footing. Ty is a good artist for this tour, as his sound works for an audience that are fans of KB, and it should also set the stage well from an energy standpoint. Ty wasn’t able to capitalize on these things. He didn’t bring much energy and seemed unsure on stage. He did show some promise and I’m sure by the end of this tour, Ty Brasel will be a much better performer.

Joseph Solomon at The HomeTeam Tour | Plant City, FL | Credit: A. McKay

Next on the card was Joseph Solomon. I’ve seen Joseph Solomon perform before; he is far from a newcomer. He was comfortable on

stage and was able to command the crowd. His set was odd because it didn’t seem to fit in to the show. Ty Brasel has hard-hitting, up-tempo songs, as do Trip and KB. So a slowed down worship type set didn’t really fit. I enjoyed what Joseph Solomon was doing and it made me want to see more of him, just not in this show. The set he performed featured a couple of worship songs with a folk type feel and a spoken word piece. It was a solid set and Joseph Solomon will gain a lot of fans from this tour.

After Joseph Solomon, the first half of the main event started, and that was Trip Lee. Trip’s veteran presence was felt immediately. Maybe it was the lights and graphics (that weren’t present earlier in the show) but as soon as Trip stepped on stage, the mood in the room changed. He brought immediate energy. No matter how many times I see Trip Lee perform, his energy always seems to catch me off guard. He is so laid back off stage that you expect a set that doesn’t have much movement to it; one that will let the sound move the crowd. His set is so far from that. He is all over the stage, commanding the crowd, doing call and responses, and leading the crowd with his energy.

Trip Lee at The HomeTeam Tour at Plant City, FL | Credit: A. McKay

This particular set featured songs all across his resume. He performed songs from his last full-length album “Rise” and his most recent mixtape “The Waiting Room”. He also had a single that played very well in the room. Trip followed the Reach formula to performing by having intros to some songs and taking small breaks between transitions to present a well-articulated message. This didn’t appear to be the first night for Trip; he put on an incredible show and set the stage beautifully for KB.

There was only one artist left, and as the door burst open and KB entered to loud cheers, I took a moment to take it all in. This was the guy everyone was here to see, the pop of the crowd told me that. In this moment, I went back to being a young CHH fan at a show and excitement ran through me. I knew I was about to see something incredible, but I also knew that you never really know what to expect from KB. As he started running and jumping around the stage, I was reminded of the very first time I saw KB. Ironically enough, he was doing the same thing to a packed out crowd at Flavor Fest waiting for Lecrae. Then as a member of H.G.A. I remember being in awe of his performance and immediately going to buy their record. Here I am, several years later, watching with the same awe.

KB just might be the best performer in CHH. It feels like second nature to him. He glides around the stage and no matter what is going on in the room, you can’t take your eyes off of him. His energy is contagious. I am not someone that loses control or outwardly expresses emotions (especially at concerts), but even I can’t help it at a KB show. The energy is so high in the room that you can’t help but move. He owned that room in Plant City and put on a show that it will be hard for people in that room to forget.

The first stop of the “Hometeam” Tour was far from perfect. As a complete show there are some things that need work. There were some sound issues and even at one point KB forgot the words to his own song. Those are all things that can be (and I’m sure will be) worked out as the tour continues. This is a show that you have to experience. No amount of words will do it justice. Trip Lee is an absolutely incredible performer, Joseph Solomon and Ty Brasel are great talents, and KB is a kamikaze that needs to be seen. If the “Hometeam” Tour is coming anywhere near you, go and experience one of the greatest artists in CHH history and the greatest performer CHH has.

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