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[Album Review] Which Should Go In Your Collection? Eshon Burgundy’s “Blood Rushing to My Head or Tragic Hero’s “Going Home”

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

There is nothing hip-hop fans love more than new music. The anticipation, excitement, and joy that come’s with hearing new music are hard to describe. The occasional “leaked” song is great, but the release of a new album is usually what brings those emotions out. And on that special Tuesday when there are multiple releases, I personally have a hard time containing those emotions.

Tuesday July 24th was one of those special days I was talking about. There were 2 albums released: Eshon Burgundy’s “Blood Rushing to My Head” and Tragic Hero’s “Going Home” (3 if you add Timothy Brindle’s “The Restoration”). It felt like I hit the jackpot that day. On top of that, they were two releases that I was eagerly awaiting. But for most CHH fans, that’s too many releases in one day. It’s either one or the other. So the question is…Eshon Burgundy or Tragic Hero?

Tragic Hero – “Going Home”

            The New Jersey MC came onto the CHH scene late last year with strong features with Rhyme Council label-mates Big Fil and Swift (fka R-Swift). Those features plus the company he keeps (Rhyme Council) built a little buzz for the young artists debut album. With “Going Home,” Tragic Hero exceeded any of the expectations that were placed on him.

With any Rhyme Council release you expect to hear tough, gritty and very clever lyricism. That’s exactly what Tragic Hero did, and he did it at a high level. A good example of this is on the track “I Arrived” (featuring Krissy):

“Now where I’m from we went from Timberlands to Ralph Lauren boots

Rhyme Council in the building don’t even compare a group

Have an apple in Adam’s abdomen and Ima bear fruit

I place my foot up on my heart then I grip and I tear roots”

That level of ability took center stage at times throughout the record. Tragic Hero’s lyricism was the star of this album, and I hung onto every bar.

“Going Home” was also a versatile record. There was solid production with a variety of sounds throughout. Versatility isn’t something you usually see on a debut record, so it was surprising and very impressive. Each track had a different sound, and that allowed Tragic Hero to show his versatility as an MC. Changing the speeds and tones in his flow added finesse to his unique sound and a talent that left me wanting more by the record’s end.

Although Tragic Hero showed some versatility and very strong lyricism with “Going Home”, it was missing some things. It wasn’t a complete record. The overall song quality was inconsistent, and it got a little forgettable in the middle of the record. Individually there were some songs with play back value, but as a whole, I don’t know how many spins “Going Home” will get.

Eshon Burgundy – Blood Rushing to My Head

            “Blood Rushing to My Head” is the long awaited debut album from Philly MC Eshoo Burgundy. He has been in CHH for a while, releasing numerous mixtapes and a countless number of features, and all of CHH has been clamoring for an album. It’s finally here, and it was well worth the wait.

Eshon brought the lyricism and wordplay that he is known for, but this time it was on a different level. This is the best I’ve heard Eshon lyrically. The song ”The Garden” (featuring Christon Gray) shows what I’m talking about:

“Don’t be twisted by the reverend’s either

Living good while their congregation living hood

Selling salvation for big houses and car payments

World peace, is way out of our reach

TV and radio playin the same sermons the devil preach

Sayin fire ain’t hot, warm water is cold

Laughing takin my cold hard cash, selling me dreams”

That’s just one example. Eshon lyrically assaulted every beat on this album.

The production on the album was very strong as well. It was beautifully catered to Eshon’s style and flow. It sets a tone and creates an environment. Then Eshon comes over (the beat) and shuts it down. The production did what I believe production should do, be a canvas for the artist to paint on. It made Eshon look good.

There wasn’t much that I didn’t like about this record. It had all of the things I look for in a record: good sound, strong lyricism, consistency, and replay value. The only thing I didn’t like was the length, and that’s not even a critique. As a fan of Eshon Burgundy and this record, I just wanted more of it. With that being said, Eshon did a lot in 10 tracks, and that in and of itself was very impressive.

So Who Do I Choose?

            Both records were really good. 2 records of this quality being put out on the same day; that says a lot about the state of CHH right now. I’m excited for the future of CHH and of both of these artists.

The choice to me is clear; it’s Eshon Burgundy. “Blood Rushing to My Head” isn’t just really good. It’s great. It’s a great MC at his best.

“Blood Rushing to My Head” was a complete record. It was strong from start to finish. It had a level of consistency that was missing from “Going Home”. Eshon also had more of a replay value than Tragic Hero did. I felt like Eshon proved with this record that he is one of the best rappers in the game. Tragic Hero didn’t do that.

Even though I chose Eshon, you can’t really go wrong with either album. Both artists did a great job on their debuts, and both records should be in every CHH fans’ library.

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