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Episode 84: Who signed JSon?

DJ Wade-O Interviews Lampmode's JSon

Tune in this week as we reveal the answer to a question that you all have been dying to know the answer to: Who is Json signed with?

Some say its Reach, others say Cross Movement. Still others say Lampmode. And some have suggested that Gotee is where the Saint Louis Native will end up.

Well download this podcast to hear from Json as well as his new record’s CEO and find out just what both are up to.

We also play a ton of new and classic music from all of your favorite artists. So download it now! Remember…if you miss one show, you miss a whole lot!!!!

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• Bridge FM Promo
• “Solar Powered” – Brinson feat. D Maub
• “Call Him G O D” – Canton Jones
***A few thoughts on Episode 83***
• “Don’t Waste Your LIfe” – Lecrae, Dwayne Tryumf & Cam
• “Lose Control” – Mahogany Jones
*** Json Interview Pt. 1***
• “Sittin Big” – Json
• “I’m Alive” – Deitrick Haddon
***HHH News Blast***
• “Search My Heart” – Indigo
• “Can’t Break Us – Frontlynaz
*** Json Interview Pt. 2***
• “Testify” – shai linne
• “Get Ignorant Remix” – theBreax and Everyone
• “Trader” – Dae Lee
• Sponsor: Dzigns by Faith
• “Get It” – Fedel, Viktory & Knine
• “When the Thrill is Gone” – J.R.
*** Json Interview Pt. 3
• “Good in the Hood Remix” – YPJ & Tye Tribett
• “Huh What” – Cross Movement
***HHH News Blast w/ Sketch***
• “Burn Baby Burn” – DJ 1 God 7 Excelsius
• “Al I Need” – KJ-52 & Cam
*** Json Interview Pt. 4
• “Who is He” – Json & Lecrae
• “Let’s Go” – D-Maub
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• “Air Jordan” – K-Drama

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