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Episode 78: KJ-52 Keeps it Real!

KJ-52 Interview with DJ Wade-O on The Wade-O Radio Show

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Tune in this week as we sit down with the highest selling solo artist in the history of Christian Hip Hop – KJ-52. Set to re-issue his album, the Yearbook, join us as KJ discusses his inspirtation for the 13 new songs he released as a part of that project, as well his thoughts on “racism” in the church and a whole host of other topics. We also play new music from Mary Mary, Richie Righteous, Dre Murray, Lecrae and many more. So download it now! Remember…if you miss one show, you miss a whole lot!!!!

• Episode 78 Preview
• Lecrae/Da T.R.U.T.H./J.R. – “Identity” (Rebel)
• Canton Jones – “Call Him G.O.D.” (CaJo Presents…)
• Dre Murray – “My Lane” (Manumit)
***KJ-52 Interview Pt. 1***
• R-Swift/Lecrae/Mac Da Dolous – “Breatha” (Soapbox)
• Richie Righteous – “Do Wut it Do” (R.I.C.H.)
• Mary Mary – “Get Up” (The Sound)
***KJ-52 Interview Pt. 2 ***
• Episode 79 Preview – Corey Red Interview
• KJ-52/Cam – “All I Need” (Yearbook: Missing Pages)
• HeeSun Lee – “Top Now” (Unreleased)
***KJ-52 Interview Pt. 3
• Wit feat. Average Joe – “Guess Who’s Back” (Unreleased)
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• Holy Hip Hop News Blast w/ Sketch • K-Drama – “Air Jordan” (Boom Baptism)
***KJ-52 Interview Pt. 4***
• Ambassador – “Gimme Dat”
***KJ-52 Interview Pt. 5***
• DJ Wade-O/Pro/Pettidee – “Shut it Down”
***KJ-52 Interview Pt. 6***
• KJ-52 – “Stuck in the 80’s”
• KJ-52 – “Missing Pages Mixtape”
***Episode 79 Preview (Corey Red Interview)

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