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Episode 262 – February Going in Mix


Christian Hip Hop Podcast:

It’s February. Which means its Black History Month and Time for another Going in Mix. Join DJ Wade-O as he mixes, scratches and blends new music from Andy Mineo, Da T.R.U.T.H., Eshon Burgundy and Lecrae. We also countdown the 5 Hottest Songs out right now and give away tickets to the joint Sho Baraka/ Kareem Manual Album Release Party that features Derek Minor and DJ Wade-O.

In the Going In Mix, we start of the infectious worship jam “Until I Pass Out’ by Uncle Reece. We slide into some Japhia Life, Yaves and Lecrae. We also debut an exclusive from the Collision Records W.L.A.K. collective and “Do This for God” by Sherwin Gardner.

The Still Going in Mix brings more new music. We play “Madoff” by Sho Baraka, Hope by Da T.R.U.T.H., Thi’sl Trip Lee & Flame as well as Chocolate Bobka by Social Club. We even play a record by a new artist named B-Less that features Dre Murray and Sean C Johnson.

In Wade’s World Wide Top 5, we countdown the 5 Hottest Songs out right now. Will Sho Baraka’s Ali remain in the top slot? We also debut the new Toney Tillman (fka Brothatone) called Grizzly. Co Campbell also cracks the Top 5 with his new song Alive feat. Andy Mineo.

We finish up strong with the Mix of the Week: Throwback Edition. Cross Movement, Mr Del, Braille and Japhia Life are all featured. Reminisce with us! Plus in for Wade’s Thought of the Week, we discuss Ray Lewis’ alleged PED use and the lesson every believer can learn from his situation.


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Going In Mix

– “Until I Pass Out” – Uncle Reece
– “I’m a Mess” – Japhia Life
– “Everywhere” – Yaves feat. Eshon Burgundy
– “Motivation” – Thi’sl
– “Snap Off” – Thi’sl feat. Ad3
– “Fakin'” – Lecrae feat. Thi’sl

Mic Break – Fakin’ on MTV

– Wade-O Exclusive: “YHWH” – WLAK feat. Swoope, Dre Murray, Alex Faith and Christon Gray
– “Hunger Games” – Da T.R.U.T.H.
– “Ayo!” – Andy Mineo
– Caribbean Gospel Pick of the Week: “Doing This for God” – Sherwin Gardner
– “Crunk for Christ” – Tee-Wyla & DJ Ynot?
– “Madagascar” – Spec feat. D-Maub & Young Lyfe

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch

Still Going in Mix

– “Madoff” – Sho Baraka
– “Dba (Death By Association) – Eshon Burgundy feat. J. Johnson & Sean C. Johnson
– “No Place Like Home” – B-Less feat. Dre Murray and Sean C. Johnson
– “W.L.A.K. Cyphr (Imagine)” – W.L.A.K. feat. Dre Murray, Alex Faith, Christon Gray & Swoope
– “Say” – Skrip feat. Andy Mineo
– “Hope” – Da T.R.U.T.H. feat. Thi’sl, Trip Lee & Flame
– “Young” – Andy Mineo feat. KB
– “Chocolate Bobka” – Social Club
– “Everywhere” – Alex Faith feat. Social Club and Dirty Rice
– “One Sixteen” – Trip Lee
– “One Sixteen (Remix)” – Trip Lee

Wade’s World Wide Top 5: Hottest Christian Hip Hop Songs

– #5: “Fakin'” – Lecrae feat. Thi’sl
– #4: “Alive” – Co Campbell feat. Andy Mineo

Mic Break – Visit

– #3: “Ready for the World” – Ruslan feat. Lecrae and Chris Lee Cobbins
– #2: “J.I.F.E.” – Da T.R.U.T.H.
New Joint of the Week: “Grizzly” – Tony Tillman feat. Derek Minor (PRo), Canon and Chad Jones

Mic Break – Ticket Giveaway for Sho Baraka/ Kareem Manuel Dual Album Release Party

– #1: “Ali” – Sho Baraka feat. Ali

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch

The Mix of the Week

– “Know Me (Huh What?) – The Cross Movement
– “Oh My God” – Mr Del
– “You Can Get It” – R-Swift feat. K-Drama, RuddyBoy & Thi’sl
– “Lesson in Power” – Theory Hazit feat. K-Drama
– “Higher Love” – Sho Baraka
– “Roll Now” – Da T.R.U.T.H.
– “Hip Hop Music” – Braille
– “Precious Memories” – Japhia Life
– “Prayin’ For You” – Lecrae
– “Smile” – R-Swift

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Thought of the Week – Ray Lewis and PEDs


What Is Your Favorite Song from This Week’s Show?


Album Review: Spec-
Have We Seen the Dea

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