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Episode 106: Tea Time with Stephen the Levite

This one’s been a long time coming.  This week we sit down with Lampmode Record’s Stephen the Levite.  Tune as we talk to him about everything from the Calvinst Doctrine, to how he got into Christian Hip Hop and decided to move to Philly.

Plus, we got the new joint of the week, the mix of the week and the dancehall pick of the week.  You need to hear this episode bad.  Remember…if you miss one show, YOU miss a lot!

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•    Episode 106 Preview
•    Katalyst feat. Lecrae – “I Got Proof”
•    Death by Design Dancehall Pick of the Week: Yankee B – “Marvelous Remix” feat. Corey Red, Heesun Lee, Pryzna
•    Flame feat. Lecrae – “Joyful Noise”
•    Your Calls @ 877-559-2330
•    Corey Hicks – “Love Story”
•    A Word from our Sponsors
•    HHH News Blast w/ Sketch
•    Brinson – “Superbad” feat. Pettidee and Jovan Mackenzy
***Stephen the Levite Interview Pt. 1***
•    New Joint of the Week: Tedashii feat. Trip Lee and SeYa – “I’ma Believer”
•    Mary Mary – “I Worship You”
***Stephen the Levite Interview Pt. 2***
•    A Word from our Sponsors
•    Lifeline Productions
•    Sho Baraka – “Kobe Bryant on ‘Em”
***Stephen the Levite Interview Pt. 3***
•    Stephen the Levite feat. Eric – “Resistance”
*** Stephen the Levite Interview Pt. 4***
•    A Word From Our Sponsors
•    HHH News Blast w/ Sketch
•    Ginosko Clothing Mix of the Week

o    Mary Mary feat. Japhia Life – “God in Me Remix”
o    Big R – “What’s It Goin Be”
o    Applejaxx – “Jesus High”
o    Lecrae feat. J.R. and Da T.R.U.T.H. – “Identity”
o    theBreax – “Idenitity Freestyle”
o    J.A.Z. and Magellen – “Alive”
o    Ambassador – “Jesus”
o    Ambassador – “Gimme Dat”
o    Mark J – “Marvelous Light”

•    Parting Shots

Sponsers: Mark J – “An Everyday World” Drops 4/21, , Katalyst – “Death by Design” in Stores Now, Cam – “The Platform” in stores Now, John Wells| The Tonic – “The Dash” in stores March 31st, Tedashii – “Idenity Crisis” in stores 5/19, , X-Cell Designs,,, Ginosko Clothing


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