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Episode 103: R-Swift Remembers his Son RJ

About 30 days ago, we announced that R-Swift’s youngest son Rodnie Graham III passed away. At the time there weren’t a lot of details available about this situation. Rather than leave it to speculation, R-Swift has decided he’d like to talk about it right here on the Wade-O Radio Show.

So download this podcast now and see how the Lord has comforted R-Swift, his wife and daughter during this trying time. As always, we have the new joint of the week as well as the dancehall pick of the week and tons of new music. Remember…you miss one show YOU miss a lot!

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• Episode 103 Preview
• John Wells | The Tonic ft. Shachah– “Deliver Us”
• Death by Design Dancehall Pick of the Week: Prodigal Son – “Love God Bad”
• Sean Slaughter ft. Alvin Slaughter – “Lord You”
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• John Piper’s take on Christians Getting Tatoos
• Mark J – “Dating or Married”
• A Word from our Sponsors
• HHH News Blast w/ Sketch
• J.A.Z. – “I Rep God”
***R-Swift Interview Pt. 1***
• Tedashii ft. Lecrae – “26’s”
• A Word from our Sponsors
• Lifeline Productions
***R-Swift Interview Pt. 2***
• Big Al ft. Canton Jones – “Rest of My Days”
***R-Swift Interview Pt. 3***
• A Word from our Sponsors
• HHH News Blast w/ Sketch
• New Joint of the Week of the Week: Applejaxx – “Jesus High”
***R-Swift Interview Pt. 4***
• R-Swift ft. Mac the Doulos and Lecrae “Da Breatha”
• Jai – “Jacob’s Song”
***Parting Shots***
• D-Maub – “My Way”
• Lifeline Productions

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