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Episode 102: A Sit Down with John Wells, “The Tonic” from Cross Movement

Tune in this week as we get in it with a legend and pioneer in Christian Hip Hop, John Wells | The Tonic.  As one of the original members of Cross Movement and the mastermind behind Cross Movement Records, he has been at the forefront of the Christian Hip Hop movement for nearly two decades.

After executive producing many classics, he is not set to release his debut solo project, so this definitely makes for conversation you don’t want to miss.  Find out why it took so long to release the album, his thoughts on various Cross Movement hits over the years.  Plus, we have the Dancehall Pick of the Week and the New Joint of the week, so you definitely don’t want to miss this episode.

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•    Episode 102 Preview
•    Oppose – “100 Episodes and Running”
•    Death by Design Dancehall Pick of the Week: Jason Mighty and Prodigal Son – “Ketch a Fire”
•    Lecrae – “Indwelling Sin”
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•    The Tonic and Shachah – “Deliver Us”
•    Braille – “Blessed Man”
***Tonic Interview Pt. 1***
•    A Word from our Sponsors
•    HHH News Blast w/ Sketch
•    Izzy – “Heaven”
***Tonic Interview Pt. 2***
•    The Tonic – “Who Shot Cha”
•    Richie Righteous – “Who Shot Cha”
***Tonic Interview Pt. 3***
•    Lifeline Productions
•    The Tonic ft. Enoch and Cruz Cordero – “Da Body”
***Tonic Interview Pt. 4***
•    New Joint of the Week: Lisa McClendon – “Pause”
*** Tonic Interview Pt. 5***
•    A Word from our Sponsors
•    HHH News Blast w/ Sketch
•    Katalyst ft. Dwayne Tryumf – “Find My Way”
*** Tonic Interview Pt. 6***
•    The Tonic – “No Time”
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