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EP Review: Rockstar JT – ‘Moving Weight’


Disclaimer: All views presented in this review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Street terminology is very common in music today. So many artists utilize their past lifestyles that once seemed attractive, and flip it for the glory of God. Rockstar JT takes his personal testimony of street life, combined with his spiritual struggles, and titles his EP, Moving Weight.

In an interview with DJ Wade-O, JT explains that the title of his project has meaning in the streets, but his definition of “moving weight” comes from the pressures of this world and giving them all completely to God. It’s always encouraging to see this generation using their God-given gifts and giving them right back to God. Rockstar JT is no stranger to CHH as he released his previous project, Young, Wild, and Free in 2015. I appreciate the honesty of JT’s music, as he mentions his frustration with giving into sin and how much his life has changed since the passing of his grandmother.

In just a short EP, JT puts together an energetic, heartfelt, and thought provoking EP that challenges the listener to understand the place where he calls home. He makes it very clear where he stands with his faith in his music, as well as the people who are in his circle chasing the same goal.

The opening track of the EP has a very dramatic intro that goes right into the struggles of JT’s personal life as well as general life issues. Once the beat drops, he switches up the tempo and his rap style to a more aggressive delivery. Right out the gate, JT makes it clear that he lives for God and God lives in him. “Moving Weight” is a great attention grabber for the EP and really drives the rest of the project.

The fact that artists are starting to address more political and social-economic issues in their music is a good thing. It shows that they are paying attention to what’s going on in society, and that life is bigger than just simply doing music. On the song, “The Way It Goes”, Rockstar JT makes a very quick mention of the “Black Lives Matter” movement in a unique way. It was one of those moments you hear in a song that grabs your attention.


“If black lives matter, why do you shoot your own race?”


JT’s transparency on the loss of his grandmother, as well as not having a father figure in his life, is a testimony many people can relate to. Hearing his desire to keep pushing through his faith on the melodic track ,”Show Me”, reflects the need to put complete dependency on God and not on ourselves or others.

Although Moving Weight is a short EP, JT creates a different sound with each track. Violins can be heard on “Anonymous” and more bass and treble define the production on “How We Roll” featuring Plain James, Big Yoe, and KD.

Overall, Rockstar JT does a good job with this project. The message throughout the EP is real and gives the listener an experience to see the world through the eyes of a young man who had to overcome some personal challenges, but has a heart and desire to live for God.

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