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EP Review: KB – 100

Disclaimer: All views presented in this EP Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Sometimes when someone seems to always be on top of their game, you wonder if they will slip up. The wonder is not always cynical. Sometimes you genuinely wonder how someone can stay on top and seemingly never fall back.

I think many people have felt that way about Reach Records. There may be some that want them to fail, but there’s also many that probably just wonder how they do what they do so well.

One answer is that they work hard. They’re on pace to release music from 3 different artists in the first 4 months of the year. We started the year with an EP from Andy Mineo, and this month KB released a 6 track EP titled 100. These seem to serve as appetizers to hold fans over while they work on even more music.

I appreciate that even though these appetizers have been less than 7 songs, you can tell that they gave it their all. Matter of fact, that is simply what KB’s entire project was about, “100, nothing less. ” In this review, I want to share my experience with this project.

Track 1: Give My All

This was the perfect opening track for an EP all about giving 100 in all that you do. It starts off slow and KB pours his heart out about how he just wants to be used up for God’s glory. The track increasingly gets more upbeat and passionate, then it gets rowdy. He then hits us with the fast flow that fans are used to as he raps about us (Christians) living on mission and giving it all we have. This was a great track that will and should inspire all that listen to it.

Track 2: 100 (feat. Andy Mineo)

“100” was the single and title track for this project. At first listen, it was another classic reach anthem, galvanizing believers to give it their all.  At second listen, I was really impressed by what KB was able to do with this topic. The idea giving “100, nothing less” can easily lean towards a works-based faith. However, his lyrics lean heavily on getting strength from God to do God’s will. He also points to the motives of giving it our all. He makes a point that we do our best because of who we are representing, not to gain more worth or identity. I think that is a great perspective because the difference between living from victory and living for victory is life altering.

Track 3: Undefeated (feat. Derek Minor)

When this first track started, it reminded me of the music that has been coming out of Atlanta lately (specifically from Future). However when the beat dropped, I was not met with a trap beat. It was more dubstep/rock-ish. That was what I noticed in the beginning, but the content on this song was great. They took the concept of being “undefeated” and rapped verses as if it was God speaking to the world. This was a great track that pointed to the sufficiency of Jesus and perfection of God. Derek Minor also gave the fans what they love, a verse where he brings it and goes off.

Track 4: Kamikaze

This song starts off with a countdown from Prisca, who has an amazing voice. It sets the tone for the track as she explains what Kamikaze is talking about. Kamikaze is referring to going all in without a care of preserving yourself. The song is flooded with encouragement to not look after the praise of man and focus on what God says for you to do. Thinking about it, this song is a great fight song. KB raps in a way that reminds you that we are against opposition in this world, but we have the upper hand in the battle.

Track 5: Doubts

I love when artists let the listeners in on their real lives. KB was very transparent on this song about some of the doubts that can haunt him. He mentions how he fears leaving his family possibly because his dad walked out on his family. He also states how he has struggles that have stayed with him since he was a teen and how it makes him wonder where God is. The song is very honest and open. It almost feels dark until you hit the last verse and KB brings in the Word. He says that he thinks about the God’s word and it makes him doubt his doubts. I love that because it magnifies God and minimizes our fears.

Track 6: Crazy

When the beat came on for this track, I had no idea what to expect. The beat drops and the song is infused with high energy. The concept of this song is one that many people need to hear. He talks about how easy it is to begin to feel crazy or ungrateful and forget about all that God has done and who he is. He talks about how having self pity is still prideful because in that moment you forget all that God can do and only focus on yourself. The chorus changes the beat drastically towards an island feel. I do not know if I liked that, but I did like the lyrics during that part. They focused on God’s sovereignty over our circumstances. Overall, this song was good. The message was great.


This was a fun listen. It was short, but I enjoyed it. KB has some of the best word play amongst the mainstream CHH artists and I love seeing how he uses it and boasts about Jesus at the same time. One example was from “Give My All” and he says “God is over time, I ain’t talkin’ a tie. He runs the clock, call it time lapse (laps).” Moments like this were flooded all throughout the project.

I also enjoyed the overall goal of this project. In an interview with Wade-O he said that he wanted to emphasize that no matter what you do, if you remember who you’re doing it for, you can give it all you have. I think that almost all of the songs on this project reiterate that point.

If this was a sampler for more music that he has coming later, fans are in for a treat.


What were your thoughts about KB’s EP 100?

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