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EP Review: Chad Jones – Keep Up

Disclaimer: All views presented in this EP Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Reflection Music Group is keeping the momentum up for 2014. So far we’ve heard music from B.Cooper (January) and Deraj (February). Next up, we’ll be hearing from Chad Jones on April 29th. The new project is a 4 track EP titled Keep Up.

In this review, we’ll breakdown the sound you can expect to hear on this project.

Track by Track

1. Problem (feat. Propaganda, Canon)

This is the hit single from the project that you have probably heard by now. This Black Knight produced track has a hype west coast feel to it and it is definitely a song to help get the party going. Both Propaganda and Canon laid down verses representing their upbringing and where they are from. They both killed it and Chad Jones did well using the style of rap that you may hear from the bay (Oakland area). The concept was simple, we’re (Christians) a problem because we’re going to go hard wherever we go and impact the societies that we are placed in. Overall, this is a great song that many people will like if they have not already heard.

2. I Know (feat. Foure)

“I Know” is a catchy song that focuses on trusting on God’s hand in your life despite how crazy life may be. Chad shares some vulnerable moments about his upbringing. He even shares about how his mom was on drugs while pregnant with him and had to give him up for adoption. It is a great song to reflect on and think about all the ways God’s providential hand may be at work in your own life.

3. Long Walk Home (feat. Jayme Pearl)

This track is a smooth track that serves as encouragement to anyone who is going through trials in life. The title “Long Walk Home” is a play on the mood of the track. The track is encouraging but it makes you think about having to take the long walk home and enduring the storms that may come along. This is a song that allows the listener to be real with themselves and what they are going through. It encourages the listener to think about life but it encourages the listener that they can make it through. Chad Jones does a wonderful job lyrically painting the picture of struggle coupled with the drive to press on. Jayme Pearl has a wonderful voice and sounds like she could take off in the pop arena. I haven’t heard of her but it was a great introduction to who she is.

4. Hold Up (feat. Derek Minor, Roz)

This track is another smooth  track with a southern, laid back feel. Derek Minor helps set the tone with the hook talking about how they just want to cruise through the city without drama. Roz‘s smooth vocals also accompany the laid back feel found in “Hold Up.” This track seemed like it could serve as an intro track to an album because Chad rapped like a storyteller and lets the listener know his plans and what he’s doing. There wasn’t a real message to pull out other than the idea of wanting to have good, clean fun.


This was a good sampler of music. All the songs sounded amazing and Chad did less of the joke kind of rap and gave listeners the real him. This EP will leave people wanting more. Chad Jones has yet to put out a full-length retail project and I think that this will get fans excited about what is to come in the (near?) future.

Chad Jones’ Keep Up is set to be released Tuesday, April 29, and is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

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