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EP Review: Alex Faith – ‘Intruder’


Disclaimer: All views presented in this review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

I have been a fan of and apart of CHH for about 10 years now. Throughout that time I have seen some pretty cool things. One of my favorite experiences is being introduced to a new rapper and following them throughout their career. Being able to see an artist grow and turn into a star is a cool experience. As a fan you almost feel like you were apart of that process. It creates a strong bond between the artist and those fans that were there from the beginning.

Throughout these past 10 years there has been an influx of new artists within CHH unlike anything else in the genre’s history. Out of all of those artists, there have been a few that have really stuck out and created a lane for themselves. They have become stars and leaders in the genre. One of those artists has been Alex Faith. Over the past 4 to 5 years, Alex has become one of the best all around artists in the entire genre.

Alex has developed and crafted his skills since Honest 2 God, and has become a complete artist. He has grown into a great lyricist, has become silky smooth with his delivery and is a leader when it comes to the racial injustice conversation. Alex had incredible potential and expectations when he debuted and he has far exceeded those up to this point in his career. Now it’s time for him to take the next step and he looks to have done that with his newest release, Intruder.

With this new EP, Alex was able to pull off a very difficult feat. He was able to showcase all of his talents in a short period of time. Intruder has only 6 tracks and each track has a feature on it, so there isn’t a whole lot of Alex on this record. Alex was still able to shine through, show how he has grown and show what has made him one of the better artists in the genre.

The record opens with the Ki’Shon Furlow assisted “Duffle Bag.” This is a solid introductory track because it has a lot of the elements that fans have come to love about Alex. It is a very southern sounding track and it bangs. The two share this song like they have been working together for years. The quicker paced flow matches the hard-hitting beat perfectly, to create a song with tremendous play back value.

The title track shows the growth Alex has had as an artist. His approach to this track was more cerebral. The soft keys to open the track sets up the heavy bass beautifully and the silky smooth flow that Alex brings create an incredible sound. There are several different elements to this track, and they all work. Smooth hook, quicker paced elements and even a little slowed down flow. All of these elements accompany each other perfectly. Tedashii lends a verse to this track and it’s Tedashii at his best. His melodic flow works in a uniquely beautiful way and gives “Intruder” exactly what it needed.

Alex changes the feel of the record again with “OG” featuring Tony Ri’chard. The melodic hook and the toned down bass gives this track a different vibe than the rest of the record. This is a track you can just ride to; it is an incredibly smooth song. Tony Ri’chard’s feature is solid and is a good intro to fans that may have never heard of him.

The tone shifts again with the more aggressive “Real Ones.” This is the Alex Faith that is showing himself more and more. He is brutally honest and aggressively real with his verses on this track. It almost sounds like he is venting which is just another element of his transparency. There is a lot to like about this song (including the gritty beat), but the show stealer here is Adan Bean. His verse is incredible. It’s eloquent, tough, strong and smooth. These two need to continue to make songs together because each time it is nothing short of pure gold.

The next track is the Dre Murray assisted “Interstellar,” which is the perfect title for this track. The beat, the hook and the bars these two spit give the track an otherworldly feel. This is one of the better tracks on the EP. It is a definite head nodder and a track that you will replay over and over again.

The record ends with “The One.” This track is completely different from every other track on the EP, as Vanessa Hill gives it a softer feel. The production also lends to the softer sound. Alex even softens up his delivery to match the rest of the track. It’s different from the rest of the record but in a good way. This shows off the versatility that Alex has and gives this EP a more complete sound.

Overall this is a great EP. It’s an easy and fun listen. There is a lot of versatility in the sound and the content, so there is something for everyone. Intruder doesn’t have an overtly Christian message. Like Alex Faith’s previous records, this a record told through the lens of Christianity. It’s a positive record that is palatable to a large audience, and is very relevant. Even though it’s a short EP, Intruder is a strong record.

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