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Dream Junkies Discuss John Givez ‘Soul Rebel’ Album + Tour


DJ Wade-O finally gets the chance to sit down with ALL THREE members of the rap collective known as the Dream Junkies. The big topic up for discussion….John Givez’s “Soul Rebel” album set to drop late August. We talk about the creative process, and all their roles they played in the creation of this highly anticipated album.

Part 1:


In part two of our sit down with the Dream Junkies, we get details about the upcoming “Soul Rebel Tour” starting in late August 2015, plus John describes how Cousin Neighbor came to be. We also get their thoughts on the tour life, a little into John’s brother who recently got employed by the company owned by financial guru, Dave Ramsey, and lastly what is next for the Dream Junkies following this upcoming tour.

Part 2:

Dream Junkies Info:

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