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Dre Murray ‘Gold Rush: Maybe One Day’ Listening Session


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Check out the new album, Gold Rush: Maybe One Day (#GRMOD), from Dre Murray of the We Live as King’s Collective. Dre’s label Collision Records was kind enough to allow us to stream #GRMOD for the next 24 hours so everyone could get a chance to try it before you buy it on July 9th.  You can check out the track list, album art and production credits below.


Dre Murray’s album cover for “Gold Rush: Maybe One Day” (Click Image to enlarge)

The art work for the project was designed by PeskyGreyRabbit.  This is the same company that designed the Collision Record’s Website as well as the W.L.A.K’s album artwork.  The company is owned by Collision Records’ founder Adam Thomason.

Fans of Dre’s previous work with Collision’s A&R Wit should enjoy the project.  In a recent interview with Wade-O Radio, Dre told us that Wit oversaw the entire production of the album, even though he didn’t produce every track.  Wit produced 3 tracks himself and co-produced 4 more tracks with label mate Swoope.   Big Juice, Wes Pendleton, Tragic Hero and Michael Guaglione also contributed to the project. Swoope, Christon Gray, Alex Faith and Propaganda feature on the #GRMOD as well.

You can pre-order Gold Rush: Maybe One Day on iTunes.

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Dre Murray – Gold Rush: Maybe One Day Track List

1. Sutter’s Mill
2. Maybe One Day (feat. Christon Gray)
3. Ramesses the Great by Propaganda
4. Pharaoh (feat. Tragic Hero)
5. Fiend
6. Benjamin’s Curse
7. Gold Rush
8. Red Light (feat. Christon Gray)
9. Alchemy (feat. Tragic Hero)
10. Letter In a Bottle (feat. Michael Guaglione)
11. Hollywood Heist (feat. Christon Gray, Sean C. Johnson & Swoope)
12. Welcome to My Life (feat. Alex Faith and Swoope)
13. All Alone
14. Gray Tape

1, 4, 12 Wit & Swoope
2 Swoope
5 Wit, Swoope, Big Juice, & Michael Guaglione
6 Part 1 by Wit, Part 2 by Swoope
7, 14 Wes Pendleton
8 Wit & Tragic Hero
9, 11, 13 Wit
10 Wit & Michael Guaglione


What is Your Favorite Track on Gold Rush: Maybe One Day?

Stephen the Levite -
God Over Money - "Ol

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