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Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. on the “Unchurchables,” and Discipleship in the Black Community


We talked with author, speaker, and educator Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. at the Just Gospel Conference in Atlanta, GA. While talking about engaging the world with the gospel, he puts us on to the the term “Unchurchables.”

In this interview DJ Wade-O talks with Dr. Ellis about:

[2:10] His views on the state of Christian Hip-Hop
[4:40] His critique of current Christian Hip-Hop artists
[5:40] Why the majority of CHH fans are not from the black community/church
[7:11] Who are The “Unchurchables”?
[8:48] The need for cultural change in the traditional black church
[10:25] How we can embrace Unchurchables
[11:20] Alternative discipleship model
[13:45] Current projects and initiatives he is working on

Dr. Ellis Info:

Twitter: @CarlEllisJr |
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