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DJ Wade-O Remembers DJ Official


I learned to DJ while at Howard University. Parties, Clubs, Greek events, Rap Battles, WHBC, I did it all and loved every minute of it.

Then I got saved the day after I graduated, and I stopped doing music altogether. In my heart, I couldn’t reconcile hip hop and Christianity.

In the Summer of 2003, my man Oppose Music invited me to Rap Fest. Cross Movement and a bunch of others were all performing that day.

I’d never really heard of any Christian Rap I liked, but it all changed that day. And the guy who was at the center of it all was DJ Official.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of DJ Official that day. The way he was transitioning records, cuts were on time and he was just in control.

Seeing DJ Official that hot summer day in the Bronx in 2003 was a major seed that led to me starting Wade-O Radio a couple of years later.

DJ Official totally paved the way for so many of us DJ’s. He was always professional, super creative and always getting better.

DJ Official was the first dude I saw scratching in the DJ app on the iPad! He was cutting on that joint better than I cut on turntables!

I’m grateful that I had a chance to tell DJ Official all this a few weeks ago. I’m so grateful for his life.

Also DJ Official rode hard as heck for both Cross Movement and Reach Records. It’s rare that you see that kind of loyalty in this business

#RIPDJOfficial. If they have concerts in Heaven, I know you’re DJing.

Legendary Christian
Teresa Chu, DJ Offic

DJ Wade-O is a New Jersey-based DJ, Radio Host/Producer and blogger who loves Jesus.  He's married and has 3 kids. He also has a tendency to binge watch TV Series via Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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