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Are You Angry?

I’m mad!!! Many of you can agree that things make us angry. I know for myself lately, anger has been one of those things I have had to really keep in check. I was like “ooo God can I have a pass from my Christianity to just for 5 min to go off on them” Or were you with me when I wanted to revert to a life BC (before Christ) and tell them to “Meet me outside in the parking lot.”

We all have had those moments when we want to lose our cool, fly completely off the handle, some of us may have just gone off and gave people a piece of our minds. But in those moments, we need to know that “Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires.” (James 1:20 NLT) No matter how many buttons they press, how bad our day was, even if they did get on your last nerve, we have a duty to God to please Him. By acting in anger, we would not be giving God what He is due, which is our best.

Let’s all strive to remain calm, pray for patience and temperance (self-control), and do our best to represent Christ the best way we can. Let me know your experiences with anger and how you dealt with or maybe how you wish you would’ve dealt with it.

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