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Christian Rap Legend Danny “D-Boy” Rodriguez honored at Legacy Conference (VIDEO)

Pastor’s Brian Dye and Adriel “Skrip” Cruz gave the first ever Legacy Lifetime Award to Danny “D-Boy” Rodriguez. Through his short life of just 22 years, D-Boy was one of the early rappers who helped lay down the foundation for Christian Hip Hop and modern urban ministry.

His sister (Genie “MC GiGi” Lopez), his DJ/ Brother-In Law (Joe Lopez) as well as their family were on hand to accept the award in his honor.

About Danny “D-Boy” Rodriguez

Danny “D-Boy” Rodriguez (born Daniel Dimitri Rodriguez November 10, 1967 in the Bronx, New York – died October 6, 1990 in Dallas, Texas, was a Christian rap artist.

D-Boy believed that he could use rap music as a vehicle to reach inner-city youth in Dallas, Texas through the “Street Church Academy”, a ministry founded in the Buckner Terrace area of Dallas in 1983 by D-Boy’s parents, former drug addicts Demi and Irma “Cookie” Rodriguez. The focus of their ministry was on anti-gang activities as well as fighting drug addictions among those who attended. D-Boy was one of the Academy’s first graduates.

Rodriguez was signed to Frontline Records, who released his debut album “Plantin’ a Seed” in 1989. The album’s lead single, “Pick Yourself Up”, hit #8 on Christian radio charts. It was the only song D-Boy ever charted.

D-Boy was one of the first in CHH to demonstrate creative and complex sampling. D-Boy was gunned down while leaving his apartment early one morning. To this date no official ruling has been given in his death, although most believe it was in retaliation against D-Boy steering young people away from the gangs.

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