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Dallas Rapper starts 2 Talented Mentorship Program for aspiring Artists


When Dallas-native Jahmaol Clark started rapping, he wasn’t saved, he didn’t know what to do or who to get connected with in order to grow his skills, gain guidance and record his music. As time went on, Clark became a Christian, joined a Hip Hop discipleship program, and got connected with other artists and mentors.

During his time in the program, the other artists saw Clark’s potential and encouraged him to grow his gift and craft for the Lord. As Clark continued in his music career, like many Christian Hip Hop artists, he found himself in a state of discontentment. He struggled with the current platform he was given and desired a bigger platform than what he currently had.

But Clark knew that he had to be content in what the Lord had already given him, and with that, he ventured out into an area in which he saw a need and wanted to meet it.

In 2013, Clark got the vision for the idea to create his own Hip Hop Discipleship Program.

In August of 2015 Clark started the Hip Hop discipleship program in Dallas, TX consisting of six students including 2016 Rapzilla Freshman 15 Adrian Stresow, Street Hymns who is a mentor, affiliate and Collision Records artist Ki’Shon Furlow, and Board Member Channel (formerly of the Red Ink Army).

Founder Jahmaol Clark and Mentor Street Hymns with 2 Talented Mentorship Program students | Photo Courtesy of Jahmaol Clark

Founder Jahmaol Clark and Mentor Street Hymns with 2 Talented Mentorship Program students | Photo Courtesy of Jahmaol Clark 

The Nonprofit mentorship program is called 2 Talented and Clark says he started the program because he felt convicted by the scriptures.

“The reason why I started 2 Talented is because of the conviction of Matthew 25, specifically verses 14-30. Many CHH artists, including myself at one point, can get very discontent in their platform and desire a bigger platform than what they have,” Clark told Wade-O Radio. “However, there are people like a Lecrae who have been given 5 talents according to their ability and others 2 Talents according to their ability.”

Clark went on to say, “We often covet a 5 talent budget of opportunities when God knows He’s only equipped us to handle a 2 talent budget. We have to be faithful with what He has given us and be a good steward of that, while being content to know that He says “well done good and faithful servant” to BOTH the 5 talent and 2 talent servants regardless of their different size in platform.”

The program exists “to provide community, mentorship, education, and resources for young rappers to grow in their craft and discover their calling.”

Another mandate that is used is taken from Matthew 28:18-20, and that is to make disciples.

“Often I see young guys get discouraged because no one has discipled them in how to even become a successful rapper/artist and guided in whether or not it’s for them. Therefore, for myself, with the passion I’ve had for youth ministry combined with the passion for Hip Hop, God made it clear that He wanted me to use 2 Talented to make disciples,” said Clark.

His overall heartbeat for the program “is to build a discipleship movement of young rappers who steward and multiply their gifts for the glory of God and the welfare of the city.”

Like Matthew 25, Clark was also convicted by Matthew 28.

He is convinced that God didn’t just call him to make music but to ultimately make disciples. Like how Jesus spent most of His time with his disciples, he was also intentional and invested into their lives, specifically the three. So Clark uses that commandment to invest into the lives of his students in the program.

In the program, Clark makes sure that four elements are reached.

1. Disciple-making – which includes life-on-life experiences and Bible Studies

2. Assemblies and concerts that take place in schools to help students understand their calling and value education.

3. After school program where students are mentored to grow in their craft and experience their calling.

4. The students are rewarded with studio recording time by participating in the program.

In early March, the 2 Talented Mentorship Program released their first Compilation Album.

On Saturday, April 2nd, 2 Talented will host the double Album Release Concert for Street Hymns (Slow & Steady) and Ki’Shon Furlow (Voices), with openers being Adrian Stresow and Montgomery, AL based artist Rockstar JT.

Lineup 2016 Album Release Digital Flyer

Clark concluded with saying, “My heart is to just see healthy disciples of Jesus, not just in the CHH community but in the world also. And if we only make good music, even if its Christ-centered, I don’t think we’re being completely obedient to Christ’s command to do life-on-life discipleship with people. Make music, but while you’re doing that, make disciples. We’re all “too talented” to waste our gifts. And eternity is too weighty for us not to make disciples. Now it is up to us to go, make disciples, and be good stewards of the opportunities He’s given us in light of our gifting. Will you obey?”

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If you would like to give towards this program, please go to

For more information about how to get involved or any questions or comments can be send to 2 Talented Founder Jahmaol Clark at

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