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D-Maub ‘The Missing Peace’ Full Interview

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Tune in as DJ Wade-O talks with D-Maub about his new album “The Missing Peace“, the skin condition that made him want to kill himself, the making of the “I’m Me” Music video and much more.


On What has Changed in CHH Over the Years: “For one, I’ve seen a lot more doors being open. When I first started, churches [weren’t] even letting us in.  Now its good to see churches is calling for us.”

On unity in Christian Hip Hop: “Cats is starting to drop the titles and the things that [don’t] discard you from being my brother or sister….if cats [are] dropping [they’re] rags for the sake of money.  Can’t we come together for the sake of souls?”

On His new album, The Missing Peace: “Sometimes we stress about bills.  And we stress and we worry.  And we worry because we don’t have the peace of God.  Every song on the album is because I have the Peace of God in that area.”

On His Skin Condition: That was one of the toughest things I have ever gone thru.  Never have I wanted to die.  Ever.  Until then.”

On the symptoms of his skin condition: “It go so bad that when I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t open my mouth.  I couldn’t eat.  I couldn’t open my eyes bro!”

On the emotional impact of his skin condition: “I had so many emotions.  I felt like I was less than a man.”

On What Defines success for him: “Success is accomplishing a goal.  Simple as that….My initial goal for doing Christian Hip Hop Music [was] to either introduce someone to the Lord or re-establish or encourage someone in the Lord.”

On Christians doing music or business without the goal of evangelizing: “If I wanted to start a clothing line and I just wanted to make socks, do they have to have scriptures on them?”

You can stream or download the interview below:

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In our interview, we spoke with D-Maub about:

– (1:59) – What has changed in CHH over the Years and Unity in the Body
– (4:28) – The Concept behind “The Missing Peace”
– (7:00) – Wanting to die when D-Maub was dealing with his skin condition.
– (11:56) – D-Maub’s turning point in dealing with the skin condition
– (16:51) – The Physical Healing of D-Maub’s skin condition
– (19:38) – What Success Looks like for D-Maub
– (23:25) – Can a Christian just make music and God be cool with that?
– (30:49) – The Making of D-Maub’s “I’m Me” Music Video
– (37:56) – Books that Have Blessed D-Maub
– (40:33) – What’s next for One Route Entertainment
– (43:05) – D-Maub’s Contact Information

D-Maub’s Contact:

– Web: | Twitter: @DMaub

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