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D-Maub: I Wanted to Die

D-MAUB: I Wanted to Die

D-MAUB: I Wanted to Die

When Donny “D-Maub” Harper penned the lyrics to “I Will Survive” for his album “Death Before Dishonor,” he didn’t know he’d text the words “I don’t want to live anymore” to his wife before his next project dropped.

Prior to writing his latest record, “The Missing Peace,” D-Maub suffered from Atopic Dermatitis, a severe skin problem which left the same artist who released the song “Never Surrender, Never Retreat” contemplating waving the white flag.

“Never have I wanted to die,” the One Route Entertainment artist told Wade-O Radio, “never—until then.”

D-Maub woke up mornings unable to see and eat because his eyes and mouth were swollen shut. He felt like less of a man because of the care he needed. The condition affected him from the shins up so severely that on some days he didn’t want to leave the house.

The experience made him so miserable that he compared the pain to how he felt when his mother died. That’s why, laying in bed dejected, D-Maub text his wife about his lack of desire to live.

She didn’t panic. Instead, she opened his eyes to the big picture, boosting his morale.

After she prayed for and calmed him down, she said something which made D-Maub regret ever wanting to call it quits.

“Babe, if you left this earth because of your condition, that’s really being selfish,” said D-Maub recalling her message. “What about me? What about your children? We’ll be without you.”

Her reality check overwhelmed him with guilt, crushing his heart.

“That killed me that I felt like [I didn’t want to live anymore], that it was all about me escaping my pain,” said D-Maub. “And whoever I was leaving behind, ‘Oh well, I need to go,’ instead of enduring, praying, having faith and remembering what Christ went through for me.”

His wife reminded him that the King of Kings had his back, no matter how swollen it became.

D-Maub said Christians often forget who their father is in the midst of a trial.

“We know that we’re children of God,” he said. “We know that that He loves us, but when you are reminded that you are His child and you think about the responsibility of a parent, then half the things that we go though it won’t be so backbreaking.”

Trials won’t be so backbreaking, D-Maub said, because the Father takes care of his children.

With that news, the hip-hop artist’s morale skyrocketed. Along with D-Maub’s morale climbed his health and his rejuvenated spirit is apparent on “The Missing Peace.”

“I been gone for a minute, but I’m back on my post. Trials and tribulations tried to keep your boy on the ropes,” rapped D-Maub on the ninth track of the album, “Full Throttle.” “But they must have forgot that I’m built to survive, tripping thinking I wasn’t coming out of it alive.”

D-Maub survived, just like he claimed he would in 2011 on “Death Before Dishonor.”

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