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Corey Paul And Frontline Movement Presents: ‘Today, Tomorrow, Forever’ Concert Recap


Corey Paul, Alex Faith, AJ McQueen, Ki’Shon Furlow and others performed at EastDown Warehouse in Houston, TX. In this particular area of Houston everything looks like an abandon warehouse, but I’m told it is very popular with the hipster crowd. Before the concert, a small crowd congregated outside while some of the artists inside were handling soundcheck. The event was hosted by radio personality Memphis10 from the local radio station, 93.7 The Beat.

Byron Rideau, drummer turned rapper, gets his feet wet with rapping live in front of an audience. Being the opening act can be challenging but Rideau was able to move the crowd a bit, and show off his lyrical ability with a southern flow, while he performed his song called “One,” along with others. Rideau certainly peeked everyone’s interest and left ears itching for what he had to offer next.

Byron Rideau is joined by a young fan on the stage

Byron Rideau is joined by a young fan on the stage | Houston, TX 

Ki’Shon Furlow came up next and he has made a name for himself for because of battle rapping, but now as the latest signee to Collision Records, he now shows to prove he has what it takes to rock the stage. This was my first time seeing the Arkansas-native perform live and he didn’t disappoint, by keeping good contact with the crowd and having ecstatic high energy. Alex Faith also came on stage and performed “Golden” with Ki’Shon.

Ki'Shon Furlow is joined by Alex Faith (right) to get the crowd hyped

Ki’Shon Furlow is joined by Alex Faith (right) to get the crowd hyped | Houston, TX 

AJ McQueen is known for being a poet and rapper, but more importantly, he is a community engager and loves to do outreach work. McQueen can uniquely mesh all of these elements together to both entertain and encourage the crowd to take action. McQueen spoke of the current relevant issues of police shootings and social justice and he had all of the audience’s ear. McQueen also performed a new song with singer Tonee Tone.

AJ McQueen approaches the mic

AJ McQueen approaches the mic | Houston, TX 

Alex Faith set the stage before the main headliner, Corey Paul. He brought along Byron Rideau on stage to tear up the drums while claiming, “My drummer is a better rapper than your drummer.” The crowd up to that point was a bit sluggish at times and Alex was not going to perform until they got a bit more enthused. Alex performed two songs, and the beat was bangin and Byron went in on the  drums and everyone in attendance became hype instantly.

Alex Faith performing at EastDown Warehouse in Houston,TX

Alex Faith performing at EastDown Warehouse | Houston, TX 

Corey Paul was the main headliner, and he shared his testimony and performed a touching song about his mother. Paul played Tupac’s “Dear Mama” after telling his personal testimony about how insane his life was at a young age in the Southside of Houston. Life was so crazy that he saw his mom shoot his dad at the age of 7 and he thought it was just another day in the Paul household. He followed up with his own mama song with “Momma We Made It”, while the crowd revered in silence during his verses.

The song about Corey’s mother was my favorite part of the concert because Corey passionately conveyed a message of gratefulness and hope to the audience. A loving mother is a love unlike any other. As Corey continued his set, he showed the audience his 90’s era Hip-Hop roots and influences by playing “Bling Bling” from the Hot Boyz and Master P’s “Make Em Say UGH.” Leading Corey to pick the energy back up with the crowd favorites “Top Rope” and “Tear It Up.” The crowd was wild throughout his performance especially whenever Corey Paul took the microphone, tilt his head back, and yells “SQUUUAAAADDD”. I am convinced that was the best CHH lyric in 2015.

Corey Paul shares his testimony before the crowd at EastDown Warehouse in Houston, TX

Corey Paul shares his testimony before the crowd at EastDown Warehouse in Houston, TX 

After Corey Paul’s performance, all the artists who performed that night made themselves available for photos and conversations. It was good to see relationships and ministry take place through the medium of a CHH concert.


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