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Concert Review: Andy Mineo + Social Club Misfits // One-Night-Only Friends & Family Tour // Houston, TX


All photos from Jafet Soto of Influence Photography.

Some of the new song titles mentioned may be approximate or subject to change before release.

Updated Story (Nov. 11 – 6:30am CST)

An earlier version of this post accidentally misidentified the first two songs of Social Club’s set. Those titles have since been corrected.



Sunday’s (Nov. 6) Andy Mineo and Social Club Misfits concert was initially billed as the “Friends & Family Tour.” But after attending the event, I’m inclined to think another title would have been more accurate.

To start, the “tour” turned out to be a one-night-only affair in Houston, Texas. (The reason why the other seven cities were canceled was never made very clear. Mineo simply referred to “circumstances out of my control” on Facebook and told the 2,000 plus fans at the Revention Center that Houston is the city that streams his music the most.)

Still, the “Friends & Family” part was somewhat appropriate for a show featuring two acts who frequently collaborate with one another.

However, I would have gone with a “Past, Present, and Future” theme.



The “Past” is obvious. Both the Social Club Misfits and Mineo now have several projects in their catalogs from which they can select, both popular and high-powered hits they could perform for their passionate fanbases.

Social Club started off with songs from their solo EPs. Marty’s did his verse from the “The One with My Friends” from Marty for President and Fern flexed 68 and Douglas’ “No Love.”

It didn’t seem like the audience was as familiar with those songs as the group expected though. As a result, the energy level for their set took a short while to build. To me, a better choice would have been to kick things into high gear with a track like “Cops” that the crowd appeared to be eagerly anticipating.



Fern and Marty would redeem themselves later though, when they slipped into “Marriage Goals” and “Courage” – an anthem that caused the entire audience to pull out their cell phones and literally light up the room for a pop music sing-along.


After about 20 Misfits minutes, Andy hit the stage running at full throttle. Whereas Social Club disappointingly rapped over their own vocals, Mineo did not and was backed by a band that included musicians on guitar, bass, drums, and keys, in addition to a DJ and Autotune mic set.

The NY-based rapper, sporting a black “Uptown” cap, denim jacket and limited edition “Andy Mineo: Live in Houston” throwback tee, began with the “Uncomfortable” chorus and quickly shifted to “Desperados”, “Know That’s Right” and “Now I Know.”

He also hit a trap trio of “Paisanos Wylin/Say I Won’t/Lay Up” that the audience ate up with the appetite of a teen athlete trying to jump from JV to varsity.



The “Present” was best represented by the artists’ use of contemporary singles and the incorporation of viral video touchtones.

For Social Club, that meant having DJ Ray Rock splice in the Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo” (recently revived during the “Running Man Challenge”) into “The One Where She Stayed.”

Additionally, Andy’s set included his current radio record “Candy Rain” as well as his “So Gone Challenge” contribution, and “Stranger Things” remix, that received an endorsement from Esquire magazine.

socialclub_faceoff_ff_infphy andymineo_autotunemic_ff_infphy


And then there was the portion of the night that seemed to be the most anticipated: The reveal of new music from Andy Mineo.

For many artists, the presentation of unfamiliar tunes can be a concert killer. It’s hard to sustain a vibe when the audience doesn’t know the words or beat. But Andy showcased this as well as possible.

He invited six audience members on the stage and pulled out a laptop. Andy promised he would treat them just like his friends and play some clips to get their instant reaction.


He also asked the audience if they would indulge him by not recording or posting any samples on social media.

“If you do, I won’t judge you, but Jesus is watching,” Andy jokingly threatened.

And much to my surprise, everyone seemed to honor his request. (Way to go Christians!)

The tracks and titles as best I could recall were:

  1. “Broke” – A boom bap cut with a hook that said “I still work like I’m broke”
  2. “That’s Your Problem” – A Drake-sounding response to Internet trolls
  3. “Hey Now” – A heavy rock-tinged track
  4. “Not What Friends Do” – Another pushback to fakes that has a killer line in the hook that goes, “When’s the last time you think about me? / Probably the last night the drinks were on me”
  5. “Numbers” – A club banger
  6. “Time of My Life” – A definite Top 40 Radio-style hit that seemed to get the best crowd response of the bunch
  7. “Stay Away From Me” – A motivational cut for purity. Andy mentioned the song was still a work in progress from Alex Medina and Gawvi – the duo who produced his “You Can’t Stop Me” hit. Apparently Alex had completed his end, but Mineo encouraged the crowd to Tweet Gawvi to finish up his portion. (I’m guessing his @ mention numbers set records that evening.)

The Social Club Misfits also performed a new cut called “Pop Out Revenge.” Marty introduced the song and told the crowd they could expect to see it released with a video within the next week.


After the new music segment, Andy carried on with hits like “Uno Uno Seis”, “I Know You Will” and “Hear My Heart.”

He told the crowd that, despite his outward success, he still dealt with insecurities and doubt – even having a panic attack that very morning after worrying about the show. But through it all, he said, he placed his trust in Jesus and wanted to use his music to tell people “about what God has done for me. He’s so dope.”

The night closed with Marty and Fern joining Andy on stage to run through their joint songs “Coogi Sweater” and “Who Else.”andymineo_marty_sc_ff_infphy


It was an ending indicative of the “Friends & Family” motif and, if the comments from both artists are to be believed, perhaps a glimpse into the years to come where such one-off shows may become a regular occurrence for H-town or other Christian hip hop-friendly locales.

Count me in, fam.

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