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Collision Records Announces New Dre Murray Album: ‘Gold Rush: Maybe One Day’

Collision Records Announces New Dre Murray Album

Dre Murray, of the We Live as Kings (W.L.A.K. Collective) is set to release his debut album under Collision Records entitled Gold Rush: Maybe One Day.


Dre Murray also released the song “7913” (produced by Wit) that explains how he signed to Collision Records.  The title of the song also coincides with the release date of the album (7/9/13).

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In statement on a website dedicated to the project, Dre Murray and Collision described the project as follows:

Five years have passed since Dre Murray last put out a full-length album (Manumit); though, he has more than made up for lost time. Following his critically acclaimed “Hell’s Paradise” series with potent production from Wit, and group album W.L.A.K., Dre Murray is now set to release his debut solo album with Collision Records, Gold Rush: Maybe One Day.

There was a time in our culture when legacy truly meant something, and people weren’t so consumed with hasty riches—then the Gold Rush happened. Fast forward 150 years, and now, that’s all people are concerned with—one hit wonders, quick hit singles, and get rich quick schemes. Through rich stories and a savvy lyrical style typical of Dre Murray, Gold Rush: Maybe One Day is about resetting our perspectives; pulling down ridiculous ideologies and pointing towards a more lasting treasure. Everyone is chasing something, hoping that “maybe one day” they’ll get their big break, strike gold, find their trophy wife, attain their power position, and quickly satisfied themselves; but this life never promises nor does it ever satisfy. People merely find new ways to scratch their hedonistic itch. “Maybe one day,” they say, “I’ll make it; I’ll get that job; I’ll make that money; I’ll get that life”—maybe…but maybe not.

The project is slated to be released July 9, 2013.

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