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Christon Gray on the Realities of Being a Christian Recording Artist


In Part two (Watch Part 1 here) of this very transparent conversation with Christon Gray, we get into the reality of being a recording artist, even as a Christian. For the first time he reveals details of his life this past year while going through a divorce, and puts a challenge out to Christian artists to broaden their scope of topics when creating content.

[2:15] – Being in the Music Business as a Christian
[4:00] – Motive behind making “Jacob & Judas” with Taelor Gray
[5:00] – The “London Scandal”
[6:03] – Being Fully Transparent in Music
[7:45] – Lack of Christian Artists Being Honest About Life in their Music
[10:00] – Christians Having “Woke” Content
[12:43] – His Problem with “Self Preservation”
[14:30] – Understanding of David’s Prayer for His Enemies to Fall
[15:10] – “Where does your career go from here?”
[18:40] – His New Found Freedom
[21:35] – Wade-O Tweet:…
[22:22] – It’s OK to Be Angry
[24:05] – Knowing His Suffering in Public Helped Others
[26:04] – His New Definition of Success
[27:33] – New Mission from God
[28:37] – His God Given Creativity
[30:11] – Nobody Can Stop What God is Doing with Him
[31:10] – How Small CHH Really Is
[31:35] – His Take on the “Methodology Divide”
[33:32] – CHH is Dead
[35:00] – Props to Anthony Mitchell in Toronto

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