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Christon Gray no longer with Collision Records; Releases Official Statement

Official Statement from Christon Gray:

When I made School of Roses I knew it was going to be a different album.  I knew I wanted to be vulnerable, but I didn’t want to scare people away.  See, there aren’t many cats that talk about the struggles in their marriage or the temptations we sometimes face as artists in their music. I was going to do that.  I spoke about a lot of things that were hurtful and private to me and my family, but I did it with hope!

I did it so that all those couples that were going through similar things could relate. I wanted to help all my fellow brothers and sisters who weren’t about sweeping their issues under the rug, who wanted healing and connection in their relationships, just like I did.  While doing all of that, I began to realize that I was striking a nerve with y’all and you felt where I was coming from.

During the recording, release and aftermath of SOR, it was becoming clear to me that while I was grateful for the platform Collision Records had given me, I felt we were going in different directions.  Not one bad and one good, just different.

After some months had passed, I knew the time was right to make a change.

In mid-November of last year, I sent an email to Collision Records asking to end our recording agreement.  We had always been told when we felt like it was time to leave, we’d be prayed for and wished well on our new journey.  I knew it would take some work to get done because Collision had invested time and money into my career and it was important to me that they received fair compensation for that.

So, this past February a deal was reached for me to leave, and I began my new chapter.

One thing that is very important for me to get across is that I love Collision and all my time there.  I love and support my W.L.A.K.’s brothers and hope to collaborate and support each other till we decide to leave the game.  I’m very excited for what they have coming out and if what I’m seeing come out of Collision is any indication of their future, then I’ll be the first to say, their future looks extremely bright.

The new songs you’ve been hearing me put out are from some writing sessions I did last month.  I’m always in the lab, but it had been too long since I gave any newness to my fans, so we went in and cooked.  These songs and some additional new ones will be released on an EP exclusively through The Overflow streaming app on April 28th 2015. So, if you missed one, you can download the app to enjoy them.

Just some fun demos till the album drops 🙂

That said, we haven’t signed a new record deal yet.  There have been a few offers, some have been good, some have been bad, but those discussions are happening on a daily basis.  When the pen hits the paper, y’all be the first to know.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for going on this journey with me.  I can promise that the best of Christon Gray is yet to come.

Peace and blessing in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Latest Christon Gray song “Light On” features B. Reith and Blue Gray (his daughter).

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