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Christian Superheroes: Why They Shouldn’t Exist

Batman. Superman. Wonder woman. Catwoman. Spiderman. All fictional characters created to fight crime and defend the innocent from evil. Whether it be supernatural strength, the ability to fly, scale a wall, or super-human intelligence, these characters can do it all.

They were created to handle even the most impossible of problems. God didn’t make us the same way.

Pastors. First Ladies. Ministry leaders. Your favorite rapper. DJ Wade-O. All of these people are phenomenal in what they do. They are living out their God-given purpose each day. Each one of them are great leaders, role models, and Christians.

But, these Christians are NOT superheroes.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

As natural people, they cannot fly, scale walls, throw cars, see through brick walls. But do we expect them to? Have we created unrealistic, superhero expectations for ourselves and our leaders just because we’re Christians? Every church event, every meeting, every prayer request, every problem, we run to these people. They have a title so that must make them invincible right? Wrong.

Taking another view at this ‘Superhero Complex’, have these leaders even began living up to these expectations? Do they expect themselves to be the Christian version of Superman or Batman?

Answering every phone call, showing up to every meeting, not resting, and a non-existent personal/family life are just a few characteristics of the person trying to live like a Christian Superhero.

As a Christian, being able to take on tasks and handle everything should be the furthest thing from your mind for 3 reasons.

You really can’t do it all.

I’m sorry to disappoint you. But you can’t save the world. Put your cape away. You can’t attend 3 church services, work a full time job, manage numerous organizations, have friends, care for a family and expect to have a personal devotional time every day. If you could do it all, there would be no need for God. God handles everything that is over our heads. That’s what makes Him God. We can’t imagine being everywhere at the same time (omnipresent), knowing everything about everything (omniscient), and having all the power (omnipotent). If we know we can’t be God, why do we try so hard trying to make it happen? Admit that you can’t do every task all the time.

You can’t handle every problem.

Another problem Christian Superheroes face is handling every problem. I know, I know. People come to you about everything. You pray with and for everyone you know, you follow-up on all the prayer requests, and even sometimes help meet a need. That’s great. But every problem, every issue, every dilemma you see you are not assigned to. Once you allow yourself to be the ‘burden bearer’, it’s hard to shake that job. Even if you’re carrying your own issues, you’re out of order. If you didn’t know, He carries burdens so you don’t have to. He tells us to give our troubles to Him. (Ps. 55:22,1 Pet. 5:7) He can and will handle it. You can’t and won’t. Let God do it.

You are weaker than you want to admit.

Yes, you. Super Christian. The one who won’t ever fall. You’re weak and can fall to any sin if He didn’t give us grace. You do not have an anti-sin shield. Sin is inherited. We were born sinful, weak, fragile, terrible beings. The beauty of being weak and consequently failures is that His strength is perfect in our weakness. Paul put it so beautifully in 2 Cor. 12:9-10. Like Paul, we should not be ashamed of our weaknesses and short-comings. If we could make things happen, we would. But how does God get glory out of that? He doesn’t. You do. It’s so awesome when you know you didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t work things out the way they are. Give credit where it’s due. Hint: it’s not to you!

You shouldn’t put your trust in any man or woman anyway. (1 Cor. 2:5) Unfortunately, like I did at one time, we take pride in being involved in everything, handling all kinds of situation, and wear lack of sleep like a badge of honor. God promises us rest. What He commands of us is easy. Why do we get such joy out of making everything hard?

Simple word: Pride.

When things are difficult or we find ourselves stuck, we tend to maneuver. Our story ends with a small ‘Thank you Jesus’ and a big ‘I did a good job.’ We are not Superheroes but we definitely serve a Super Jesus.

This might hurt, but all you Christian superheroes, give it up. Let God be God. You do what you can, and He will always do what you can’t. Trust Him.

How can you make sure you aren’t the Superhero for your own story?

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