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Christian Rapper, Street Hymns, Impresses in Dallas Rap Battle



Dallas-Fort Worth Battle League recently hosted a battle rap event, #anygivenbars, in which Christian rapper and Texas native Street Hymns, went up against another rapper named Sparrow. Some may be familiar with Hymns, as he appeared in the 2013 Rapzilla Hot 16 Contest at the Legacy Conference. Hymns went up against Tampa rapper LOS, and lost in the first round.

However, Hymns is gaining momentum in Dallas with his appearance in the Dallas-Fort Worth Battle League. A league that describes itself as the “#1 Rap Battle League in the DFW Metroplex, focused on building the battle aspect of Hip Hop Culture.” In his first appearance in the League, Hymns not only beats his opponent skillfully, but he also presents the Gospel boldly and unapologetically to a crowd who may not even know Christ.

In a Facebook status, explaining his mindset of preparation for the battle, Hymns wrote:

“As “entertaining” as this may be, when writing for this battle, it struck many emotional chords within my soul and spirit. Gun violence is tearing our cities apart! And worst of all, the young homies are growing up with these ideals of success driven violence as a key. Someone has got to be a role model for these youngins.


I am far from perfect, but I believe I have been called to be what others avoid… A role model. I definitely enjoy the art of Hip-Hop, and love so much about it! But, Hip-Hop at its core was about spitting what you know, and spitting from the heart. There are a lot of people who got it backwards. So it is time we rise up and HORRIFY what they GLORIFY.”

Once again, we place the disclaimer that this video does have explicit language, from the other opponent. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you would like to skip over the explicit content, please find the time slots for where Street Hymns raps.

  • ROUND 1 – 2:10 – 4:00
  • ROUND 2 – 5:23 – 7:18
  • ROUND 3 – 8:38 – 10:42


What did you think of the battle? Should “Christian rappers” or “rappers who are Christian” participate in battle raps?

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