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Christian Hip-Hop’s Breath of Fresh Air Artists

Breath of fresh air artists

Christian Hip-Hop can get a little monotonous and repetitive at times. It’s easy to get used to hearing the same artists come out with records year after year. Every once and a while the game needs someone to ‘switch the style up’ or be a ‘breath of fresh air.’ Artists that will either bring something new to the game or raise the quality of music being put out.

There were 5 artists that put out records this year that have given CHH a much needed boost. These artists have put out stellar projects, giving CHH a welcomed relief from the monotony, and to put it simply: giving the game a breath of fresh air. In this Part 1 of 2, we will introduce you to some CHH game changers.

1.) Tragic Hero

If you weren’t paying attention you would have missed Tragic Hero this year. But this is a guy that you definitely want to get to know. He’s apart of the Rhyme Council family, which is a perfect spot for the young artist. He is a gritty MC that is also extremely talented lyrically. His voice is a little different and that is the first thing that will grab your attention, but his lyrical prowess will keep you captivated.

His debut album “Going Home” released this summer. It was an amazing display of his talent and lyrical ability. More than that, it was a true “breath of fresh air.” It was a great record with a range of sounds. He mixed his flow and styles up beautifully. Lyrically, he rocked the mic hard. There were plenty of moments throughout “Going Home” that you had to rewind a track just to catch what he said.

An MC that can rock your mind lyrically and keep your head nodding musically is a “breath of fresh air.”


2.) Reconcile

A relative unknown, Reconcile came out of the gates strong this year. His free album “Abandoned Hope” was a pleasant surprise. The record had

a strong southern sound. The production was strong and will keep your head nodding from beginning to end. “Abandoned Hope” was filled with biblical truths and street tales. Reconcile wove the two together beautifully and made a record that could bang in the streets and the church.

Reconcile is a “breath of fresh air” because of his sound. His raspy voice and gritty flow is different from almost anything else you’ll hear in CHH. He is a special artist with a unique style. He won’t blow you away lyrically but that’s not what it’s about with Reconcile. He makes good songs filled with passion. His love for Christ and people pours through the speakers on every track. This young Florida rapper is definitely someone to keep an eye out for.

A one of a kind artist, full of passion is a “breath of fresh air.”


3.) Eshon Burgundy

Some artist have the ability to completely captivate their listeners. That is Eshon Burgundy. When Eshon gets on a track, people listen. His style and flow demands it. That’s not all there is to him though. He is also insanely talented. Eshon is a complete and well-rounded MC. Eshon brings something different to the game. He has carved out a lane that is fit only for a few artists and he rocks it well. He makes music that is edifying to the soul. It is Christ-centered without overly using Christs’ name. It’s a tough lane, but Eshon does it beautifully.

Eshon’s debut album “Blood Rushing to My Head” came out this summer, and it rocked the CHH world. It was quickly labeled as an underground classic. The record left quite the impression, and with good reason. “Blood Rushing to My Head” was an overall great album. It was a display of incredible lyricism and incredible production. Simply, it was incredible music.

An incredible artist that brings something the game needs is a “breath of fresh air.”


4.) Beautiful Eulogy

Beautiful Eulogy consists of Braille, Odd Thomas & Courtland Urbano

I am creating a new saying because of Beautiful Eulogy: two lyricists are better than one. Separately both Braille and Odd Thomas have carved out very credible careers for themselves. Odd Thomas is one of the most slept on artists in CHH and Braille is somewhat of a legend in the genre. Together they have created something special. When you add super-producer Courtland Urbano, they have created a supergroup.

“Satelilite Kite” is the first work from the group. It lived up to every expectation that was placed on it. It was a great representation of the group. It was a little folk-like, very different, but also insanely creative and well put together. It was a complete album that touched on a variety of different topics. It was masterful lyrically. They combined that lyricism with theology and created not only food for the ears, but food for the spirit.

A hip-hop super group that feeds the soul and the mind is a “breath of fresh air.”

5.) Swoope

What is there to say about Swoope that hasn’t already been said this year? It’s hard to even talk about CHH without mentioning his name. He has risen straight to the top of CHH. The year, literally, began this year with him bursting onto the scene (as part of High Society) and dropping a classic. He quickly followed by dropping another classic with “Wake Up.” It was a musical masterpiece. Swoope painted lyrical pictures all throughout that record and turned his album into a musical experience. But that wasn’t all for Swoope this year. He has become one of the more popular features, working with Lecrae, Alex Faith, Christian Gray, Dre Murray and Viktory. 2012 has belonged to Swoope so far.

As an artist Swoope has made his mark on CHH. He is the perfect combination of creativity, lyricism and intelligence. He is a complete MC. He’s not just an MC though, he’s a musician. That shows in his music. It’s more than beats and rhymes with Swoope. He creates real music. Swoope has changed the standard for artists, he’s raised the bar and made the whole genre better.

A great artist, great musician and a game changer is a “breath of fresh air.”

Stay tuned! We are not done yet. We’ll discuss more artists in Part 2 in the coming weeks.


Which artist(s) do you believe are a ‘breath of fresh air’ in CHH?

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