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Christian Hip Hop’s Breath of Fresh Air Artists Pt. 2

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we had Tragic Hero, Reconcile, Eshon Burgundy, Beautiful Eulogy and Swoope rounding off our first list of christian hip-hop artists bringing a breath of fresh air to the genre.

In part 2, we conclude our list of breath of fresh air artists that are ‘switching the style up’ and raising the bar for quality music.

1.) Christon Gray

Christon Gray ‘Body Art’ cover

Collision Records made a big splash this year. A part of that was the appearance of Christon Gray. The versatile artist seemingly came out of nowhere to lend his smooth vocals to Swoope’s project “Wake Up.” That was just the beginning though. He also worked with likes of KamB.I.N.O., Alex Faith and Lecrae. But it wasn’t until his project “Body Art,” that we were able to see his true talent. The record had a little bit of everything.

Christon Gray is the definition of versatile. He can do everything that you could ask for from an artist. What makes him great is that he does everything not just good, but great. He is truly a jack of all trades. On body art we saw everything that he could do. From backpack lyrical songs, to smooth R&B soulful songs, to head nodding bangers, Chris gave the listener everything in his arsenal. He makes great music, and fans of great music will love Christon Gray.

A versatile artist that can please any fan is a “Breath of Fresh Air”.


2.) Alex Faith

alex faithAnother part of Collision Records’ success was the reappearance of Alex Faith. The Atlanta bred MC brought his gritty lyricism back to CHH this year and instantly started to turn heads. His commanding flow and lyrical ability will grab your attention. There is one thing that sets Alex Faith apart from other MC’s, and that’s his honesty. Most artists in CHH are honest but there are few that are as honest as Alex. It is almost uncomfortable at times, but in a good way. His honesty matched with his talent, and his impeccable lyricism is very refreshing.

Alex Faith released his debut record this year called “Honest 2 God” and it definitely lived up to the title. This was easily one of the most honest records I’ve heard in a long time. It wasn’t just honest though, it was great music. The production on this record banged and Alex flowed beautifully on top of it. “Honest 2 God” is truly a captivating record with tremendous playback value. Alex showed his potential and showed that Collision Records was going to be a force to reckoned with from now on.

Honesty in music is a real “Breath of Fresh Air”.

3.) S.O.

S.O. So it continues

3rd project from S.O.- ‘So it Continues’

I’m not a big fan of surprises. I like to know what I’m going to get or be getting out of something; especially with music. I like to know what to expect from an artist. Then you have that artist who delivers to meet or surpass those expectations. Consistency is an important quality. Few artists really embody this quality quite like S.O.

Time and time again S.O. comes correct on the mic. He brings witty Christo-centric lyrics, dope wordplay and a captivating smooth flow. Anytime S.O. takes to the mic you know what you’re going to get, and that’s a great artist. S.O. displayed that greatness on his upcoming project “So It Continues”. The project, that is set to release November 13th, had everything that you have come to expect from him. He put out an honest record, that is done very well lyrically and consistently good throughout the entire record.

A consistent MC that gets better by the record is a “Breath of Fresh Air.”


4.) Propaganda

Propaganda- Excellent

Some artists grab your attention with lyrics. Some grab it with great production. Then there are those artists that can grab a listeners attention with the art form of hip-hop. Propaganda is the definition of the latter. He doesn’t just rap. He makes hip-hop music and he does it very well. It’s not just beats and rhymes with Prop, and that is what is so refreshing. He is a master lyricist, that can rock your mind with his wordplay. It’s literally like taking in a deep breath of fresh air listening to Propaganda.

Prop showed what makes him so special as an artist on his most recent release “Excellent.” That is his ability to mix poetry and hip-hop beautifully. The album had a wonderful mix of both art forms, with just enough of both to leave you wanting more. “Excellent” felt like real hip-hop. The way hip-hop is intended to be made. Prop gave you lyricism, head-nodding production, witty punchlines and a meaningful message. After you listen to “Excellent” you will feel like you learned something new, every time. That is what makes this record a timeless classic.

An MC that gives you real and true hip-hop in it’s purest form is a “Breath of Fresh Air.”

5.) MC Jin

MC Jin

The reason why Jin is a breath of fresh air has very little to do with his ability as an MC. It has everything to do with his passion for the Lord. It pours out of him. Anytime he speaks or raps, it’s all about his love for God. It’s motivating and inspiring. This was never more evident than on his free project “Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith,” that he released earlier this year. Each track had Jin pouring out his heart and sharing his love for God. That allows the listener to connect with God throughout. It is a feel good record that will leave you feeling closer to Jin and God by the end of the record.

Even though Jin’s passion for God shines through bright, he is still a great MC. He is one of the more polished MC’s in all of CHH. He is confident and consistent in his sound. He is strong lyrically, and his witty punchlines really standout. He has a little something for every fan. His music is real versatile and very passionate. Jin is a complete MC and when you throw that passion for God in there he’s impossible not to listen to.

An MC with a fiery passion for God that pours out of every song is definitely a “Breath of Fresh Air.”

Do you agree with this list? Is there anyone that we missed?

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