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Christian Hip-Hop Album Buzz from Legacy 2013


Christian hip-hop artists flooded Chicago to attend Legacy Conference 2013.

There, Wade-O Radio caught up with numerous rappers who were willing to reveal details about their upcoming projects. Here is the latest album buzz out of Legacy.



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Flame will release his seventh studio album, “Royal Flush,” this fall. A royal flush is the highest hand in poker. The probability to land it are extremely low at 1/649,740 (odds of being struck by lightning are 1/6250, according to the National Weather Service).

However, the Clear Sight Music artist says the odds are in Christians’ favor.

“Based on 2 Peter 1:3, I’m saying that God has given us the highest hand,” Flame told Wade-O Radio, explaining the concept of the project. “The scripture says, ‘His divine power has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness.’ In other words, God has set us up to win. He’s equipped us with the highest hand to be able to deal with all aspects of life and godliness. In that way, we’re guaranteed a win because of what Christ accomplished.”

flame-royal-flush-promoThis concept was inspired by Flame’s cousin who works at a casino as a card dealer. In what began as a normal conversation about his job, he explained what a royal flush was to Flame—who admitted to not playing poker—and the rapper was reminded of one of his favorite Bible passages, 2 Peter 1:3.

The lime green branding of “Royal Flush” is eye-catching and intentional. Flame explained that he chose the color to attract people’s attention to album’s theme and stir up their curiosity enough to get them asking questions about project.



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Swoope will release his third studio album and second under Collision Records between January and March of 2014.

“A lot of people say ‘Wake Up’ was theatrical, like a movie,” Swoope told Wade-O Radio.”If you felt that way about ‘Wake Up,’ then you’re going to be in for a treat. When this album comes out, people will view ‘Wake Up’ as a commercial for it.”

The original Collision Records artist wouldn’t freely reveal the concept of the project, but he offered several hints. “I did a feature verse for a prominent Christian rapper,” said Swoope. “It was one of the bigger songs on their album. Their album cover was very artistic—it wasn’t just a picture. The feature I did on that album is a very large part of the record that I’m making, so much so that—like I said, I’m telling a story—that feature verse really birthed the album that I’m working on now.”

Swoope said this feature was not Dre Murray’s “Welcome To My Life,” Lecrae’s “Falling Down,” Andy Mineo’s “Shallow,” Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s “Peace Talks” or Christon Gray’s “Blue Skies,” but he would not confirm or deny that his verse on Yaves’ “Speak” off his latest album, “Favor Over Fury,” inspired the concept.

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Stephen the Levite

Stephen the Levite plans on releasing his third studio album in the Fall. Wes Pendleton will play the role of executive producer on the project. The Lamp Mode Recordings artist described the album as “more honest, personal and musical” than his past work.


The former Cross Movement member will release his latest solo project, “Life Happens,” in mid-October.

“It’s probably the most street level, and I don’t mean that in style of music, but person-to-person work I’ve done to date because it’s all based on real happenings,” T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. told Wade-O Radio.

The Christian hip-hop trailblazer said that he will attempt to create open dialogue about issues including marriage, being a father and witnessing to non-believers at one’s job.



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CTZN (pronounced citizen) is a rap collective currently made up of Kareem Manuel, Decipha and Caine. All three artists are aiming to release solo projects in the near future and will collaborate for two more group projects.

Kareem Manuel will look to follow up his last album “Until Forever” with another in early 2014. Decipha will drop his album “Wrath and War” on March 11, 2014. Caine wouldn’t reveal a release date, but he’s working on his solo debut album, “Haute Couture.”

The trio as a whole is in the studio working on a project that they call “Populous.” Manuel and Decipha also form a rap duo called Way Farers and is working on a project.



wlak crew

Swoope isn’t the only member of the We Live As Kings crew who has an album on deck. Alex Faith revealed that he’s been working on an upcoming album which will feature production by Wit, Swoope and Dirty Rice. Collision Records CEO Adam Thomason confirmed that the project will drop in November at the latest.

Between Faith and Swoope’s album in early 2013, Christon Gray will drop his second project under Collision. The third album that the label will release next year is it’s second W.L.A.K. effort.



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Gemstones’ next studio album will be called “Blind Elephant.”

“I will put ‘Blind Elephant’ up against anything,” he told Wade-O Radio. “Anything. Any artist, I will put ‘Blind Elephant’ up against it.”

Gemstones said that he’s been working on it since before his mixtape “Elephant In The Room” and he still may release another before “Blind Elephant” drops.



Chad Jones

Derek Minor confirmed that his Reflection Music Group label mate will have “something” before the turn of the calendar year, but wouldn’t expose further details.

Jackie Hill

Jackie Hill, who’s primarily known as a spoken-word artist, is planning to release her first hip-hop mixtape titled “Hear Me Out” in November at the latest.





GodChaserz Entertainment


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Brinson told Wade-O Radio that he has a whole project ready to go called “Liquid Love,” but its release date will depend on the success of his single “Let’s Do It” which will drop in October. He will also release a group album with label mates ReadyWriter and Cstraight called “All The Kings Men” in the near future.

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