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Christian Battle Rapper Street Hymns Returns to the DFW Battle League


Up and coming Christian rapper Street Hymns continues to make waves in the Dallas-Fort Worth Battle League. A few months ago his battle against Sparrow in the DFW Battle League went viral among CHH fans, sparking a conversation about the role of Christians in the battle scene. You can watch this battle here.

For more on Christians in the battle rap scene, check out our recent interview with Th3 Saga, an emcee from New York known for his battle skill and musical ability.

Once again, we place the disclaimer that this video does have explicit language, from the other opponent. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you would like to skip over the explicit content, please find the time slots where Street Hymns raps.

  • ROUND 1 – 0:58 – 5:10
  • ROUND 2 – 7:40 – 13:00
  • ROUND 3 – 14:23 – 18:58

Full Album Stream: D
Recap: 2015 Northern

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