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Canon – We Been Here feat. Aaron Cole (Official Music Video + Lyrics)

Canon-Aaron Cole-We-Been-Here

Canon and Aaron Cole show their humor in their latest music video.  Transformed in to Old men, the two make light of the older generation suggested that nothing is new under the sun.

Often times hard work goes unseen. Canon and Aaron Cole reflect on their journey that has brought them to where they are today. “Been Here” is an upbeat anthem to encourage working hard towards the goals God has set on your heart.

The video was directed by Edwin Escobar and produced by Doc Watson and Jim-E-O


A Cole Verse

they dont understand we really be doing this puttin in work homie day after day
why nobody wanna work wit me unless it’s a co sign or less i can make em some pay
Really coming for these copycat rappers that never do them never taking a stance
Really coming for these copycat Christians ashamed of his name till chance gave em chance
not amateur no mo it’s time to be a pro
And I can’t be a pro trying ride the flow
I ain’t wit the shady business keep it at the do
my father always told me i was made for more
Jesus Christ be in my life
he been there
since day 1
we taking flight
And I know it’s hard always tryna do right
But I got beef wit easy like I’m suge knight

They ask us what’s the move tell em we the move yea
Wanna know how we do tell em we don’t lose yeah
God made me so different since my first day
I say LOL boi to ride the wave
We Been Here
We Been Here
We Been Here
Oh yeah oh yeah
We Been Here
We Been Here
We Been Here
We Been Here
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah

Canon Verse
Them never been don’t bring those
Trying to copy hard like kinkos
I’m all down for my day ones but them band- wagons try to free load up

Been independent, on the ground, underground been born on the beast mode
Been up on this wave since day one So I’m lil yahty plus three boats

Been a vet up In this
I know how to get it
Try to kill the real but
Ain’t no honor in it
Ima dirty sprite, I’ll getcha live and litty
I Connected artist some and Signed and Indy

Now they rolling building up the house yeah
Acting like we ain’t been up out chea
rick James with that new wav
wle me run my Feet up on ya couch yeah been down

Flow so bad and boujie yeah I got it bad, yeah!
Mix that Draco with that canon that’s me on the track, If you don’t understand it you can run it back
Or “Cash me right outside,” yeah how bout dat!

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