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Canon Reveals Album Details, Questions Christian Hip Hop’s Fashion

Wade-O Radio Exclusive

Canon intends to release his debut album in style.

The Reflection Music Group hip-hop artist announced in an interview with Wade-O Radio that his upcoming album will be titled “Mad Haven.” He also addressed what he perceives is wrong with Christian hip hop—it’s unfashionable.

“Mad Haven”

After two extremely popular mixtapes—“The Great Investment” and “Blind World” are the two most-downloaded free projects on Rapzilla — and an EP, Canon is finally…almost ready to drop his debut LP.

The Chicago rapper couldn’t expose a release date, but he explained the album title and concept to DJ Wade-O.

“A haven is a place of rest—a place of refuge—that we fight to run to, or we go to seek for restoration,” he said. “I called the album ‘Mad Haven,’ because for the non-believer their haven could be anything.”


Canon rambled off a list that included parties, compliments, alcohol, drugs and sex a non-believer could lean on to find rest, all of which he thinks are crazy to find refuge in. Instead, Canon said he finds his restoration in the Lord. Of course, Canon knows non-believers consider people like him nuts too.

“That’s crazy. Why would you put your hope in a man?” said Canon of what a non-Christians think of his faith. “Not everybody even believes that [Jesus] was God.”

Canon will tell the story of his journey to reach his current haven in “Mad Haven.”

Fashion in Christian Hip Hop 

Does fashion matter in Christian hip hop? Canon thinks so.

“We [RMG] bout to turn up,” he said. “When I say turn up, I mean as far as content and definitely as far as quality. There [are] certain things in our culture that we really don’t value that much, things like fashion…. Sometimes our culture is a bit behind when it comes to fashion.”

No artists sounded off about fashion in the series of interviews Wade-O Radio conducted on the state of artistry in Christian hip hop, but Canon wasn’t one of those artists.

Lecrae wasn’t either. And despite what his first single off of “Church Clothes” would lead you to believe, he takes his wardrobe seriously.

“Fashion is an art,” he said in his Grammy red carpet interview. “And I do art, musical art. But fashion is an art and you don’t want to step on that or treat it as if it doesn’t matter.”


Canon and Crae aren’t alone in their passion for fashion. The first Christian Fashion Week was held in Tampa Bay, Florida this past February.

In Christian hip hop in particular, BA3R Fruit clothing put out a mixtape, “Fruit Cocktail,” featuring the likes of Trip Lee, Andy Mineo, Phanatik, Stephen the Levite and more. Strght & Nrrw did the same with a crew of 37 rappers on “Blood, Sweat, Tears & Prayers.”

Canon didn’t speak to where in the genre fashion issues exist or how they should be fixed in the interview.

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