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Black History Month: 10 Influential People You Should Know About

Black History Month 10 Influential People you should know about

One of the most controversial, but important records to emerge in the Christian Hip Hop scene recently, was Sho Baraka’s “Jim Crow.”  In it, Sho expresses the struggle that many African-Americans face: If I don’t think, dress or act like Rick Ross or Yandi from Love & Hip Hop, I’m not authentically black to some African-Americans.  Yet, white people may feel that I’m “too black” if I behave in this manner.  The result is confusion, discouragement and despair.

Throughout history, this struggle has existed, yet, God has always raised a remnant of people who didn’t worry about being authentically black.  They focused on simply being great by walking in the gifting that God has given them.  Many of these people have made contributions in Music, Politics, Medicine, Activism, Business, Ministry and Education.  They’ve proven that being Black isn’t a one size fits all situation, but rather a tailor made, custom-fit calling laid out by God himself.  We’re all different, come in different shapes and sizes, yet have the same mission: Make disciples while maximizes our gifts.

These issues and facts weighed heavy on us heading into Black History Month.  We thought it important to highlight and spotlight African-Americans who have made incredible contributions to our Nation.  Some of these folks are Christians.  Others are not.  Regardless, many of them achieved greatness by serving their community and leading change and even revival thru their God given gifts.

I encourage you to investigate all 10 of these individuals even further.  While we are a music ministry and many of the people on this list have an impact on our music community directly, each individual was chosen for a reason.  Their lives and contributions have enabled us to vote, minister the Gospel thru Hip Hop, advance our medical procedures and much more.  I pray you are encouraged and blessed by each person(s) story.

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