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Bizzle Responds: ‘Same Love’ Criticism, Justin Bieber’s Name Change & More


When Justin Bieber (temporarily?) changed his name to Bizzle, the more important issues facing the Christian rapper by the same name made him too busy to care.

“Honestly, I don’t even know how to react,” Bizzle told Wade-O Radio’s David Daniels. “It’s just one more thing to add to the many that’s going on surrounding my name in the media right now.”

Bizzle hopes that non-Christians Google searching “Bizzle” to read about Bieber changing his name will stumble across the rapper’s music and be introduced to Jesus Christ (a few Bieber fans followed Bizzle on Twitter after the pop star switched his Instagram name to Bizzle). Of course, Google searching “Bizzle” will also expose them to those other issues surrounding the rapper—the largest of which being his response to Macklemore’s pro-LGBT song “Same Love.”

The night after the 2014 Grammys, where Macklemore performed “Same Love” before Queen Latifah married 34 gay and straight couples in the aisle, Bizzle felt that he then needed to respond to the song.  He had planned on releasing a response to Rick Ross’ song “The Devil Is a Lie” and responding to “Same Love” on his next solo album. The Grammys aftermath changed his plans.

“I’ve had that conversation so many times that the content was already there,” he said. “I just had to put it up on paper and make it rhyme.”

Bizzle wrote the entire song that night and dropped it the next day. What followed its release were not only accusations of bigotry, but KRIV Fox 26 reported that he even received death threats.

Bizzle anticipated the hateful criticism, but this didn’t make the hateful criticism any easier. It neither helped that Flo, an artist previously on Bizzle’s record label God Over Money (GOM), left the label the day of the “Same Love” response release.

“The day that song dropped, I was doing good,” said Bizzle. “And then I got the call from Flo and it was just like, ‘C’mon dog…”

According to Bizzle, Flo had originally agreed to terms with GOM. Those terms weren’t in ink, though. When it came time to put those terms in ink, he opted not to sign—after Flo had already dropped a mixtape as a member of GOM, No Limits, and contributed to another, Martyrs in the Making Vol. 2.

Wade-O Radio reached out to Flo for an interview, but he declined. He did clarify, though, that the “Same Love” and “The Devil Is a Lie” responses played no role in his decision to depart. Flo explained why he left GOM on Twitter after the label announced the breakup.

Flo’s departure and the hateful “Same Love” criticism aimed at Bizzle equated to “24/7 stress and anxiety” for a week—only the Bible and prayer eased his mind. Eventually, he chose to “faith it out,” allowing for 24/7 peace.

“If we have the faith we say we have,” said Bizzle, “there can’t be room for stress, anxiety and faith.”

Bizzle acknowledged that GOM is interested in signing an artist who will be featured on the label’s group album scheduled to be released this spring.

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David Daniels is a Wade-O Radio news editor, Bleacher Report breaking news writer, The Geneva Cabinet campus editor and God Hop founder. He’s currently a Communication major at Geneva College and lives in Pittsburgh. Follow him on Twitter @TheRealDDaniels.

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