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Bizzle and Willie Moore Jr. – The Good Fight Full Interview (AUDIO)


The Good Fight of Faith

You can tell Bizzle and Willie Moore Jr. have a genuine bond.  Their relationship isn’t one that developed for business or even ministry purposes, but rather as a legitimate friendship. Though, they’ve done plenty of music together, they also sharpen, and encourage one another off the mic. We had a chance to sit down with both of them at SXSW a few weeks ago to discuss their  relationship, Bizzle’s new project The Good Fight and much more.

You can stream or download the interview below:

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In our interview, we spoke with Bizzle and Willie Moore Jr. about:

– (0:45) – How they linked up
– (2:32) – Recording their first song together (Pre-Christ)
– (3:50) – Recording their album together
– (5:00) – The importance of supporting Bizzle’s new album and Dear Hip Hop
– (6:22) – Bizzle controversial song “My Confessions”
– (7:34) – The Good Fight Album Release Concert
– (9:27) – Willie Moore Jr’s Starting his video blog
– (11:22) – Willie Moore’s new radio show: Praise Mixdown
– (12:00) – Bizzle’s early prediction of a Willie Moore Jr. TV Show
– (13:40) – Bizzle Recording “Solider” with No Malice
– (16:39) – The Reason for transparency
– (18:22) – Bizzle’s Advice for upcoming artists
– (22:30) – How Bizzle linked up with MC Hammer
– (23:45) – Willie Moore Jr.’s advice for aspring artists

Bizzle’s Contact:

– Web: | Twitter: @MyNameIsBizzle

Willie Moore Jr.’s Contact:

– Web: | Twitter: @PWillie1

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