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Best of 2014: Album Awards Part 2


We continue our conversation on the Best Albums of 2014 in our Part 2 Google Hangout.

This specific post is geared towards albums that were voted for in five of the nine different categories.

In Part 2, The Wade-O Radio Team discusses the best Christian Hip Hop Albums of 2014 for the best album artwork, best lyrical album, best production on an album, best conceptual album and album of the year.

In this hangout, you will hear commentary from team members Aubrey, Daniel, Jodie, Mikaela and DJ Wade-O.

Watch Wade-O Radio Team Google Hangout Part 2 Below:

Best Album Artwork:

Nominees: Christon Gray – ‘School of Roses’, Trip Lee – ‘Rise’, Swoope – ‘Sinema’ , Canton Jones – ‘God City USA’, HeeSun Lee – ‘Stereotype’, Beleaf – ‘Red Pills + Black Sugar’, Alert312 – ‘Singular Vision’ , Thisl – ‘Fallen King’, Propaganda – ‘Crimson Cord’

Winner: Trip Lee – ‘Rise’

Best Lyrical Album:

Nominees: Swoope – ‘Sinema’, Jackie Hill-Perry – ‘The Art of Joy’, Propaganda – ‘Crimson Cord’, Beleaf – ‘Red Pills + Black Sugar’ 

Winner:  Jackie Hill Perry – ‘The Art of Joy’

Best Production on an Album:

Nominees: Tedashii – ‘Below Paradise’, Christon Gray – ‘School of Roses’, Lecrae – ‘Anomaly’, Stephen the Levite – ‘Can I Be Honest?’, Beleaf – ‘Red Pills + Black Sugar’, Trip Lee – ‘Rise’, Playdough and DJ Sean P – ‘Gold Tips’

Winner:  Lecrae – ‘Anomaly’

Best Conceptual Album:

Nominees: Mali Music – ‘Mali Is…’, Swoope – ‘Sinema’, Christon Gray – ‘School of Roses’, Foreknown – ‘Ornithology’, Beleaf – ‘Red Pills + Black Sugar’, Japhia Life – ‘The Profit’, Trip Lee – ‘Rise’

Winner: Swoope – ‘Sinema’

 Album of the Year:

Nominees: Jackie Hill-Perry – ‘The Art of Joy’, Beleaf – ‘Red Pills + Black Sugar’, Christon Gray – ‘School of Roses’, Swoope – ‘Sinema’, Lecrae – ‘Anomaly’, Social Club – ‘Misfits 2’, shai linne – ‘Lyrical Theology 2: Doxology’

Winner: Christon Gray – ‘School of Roses’

If you missed Part 1 of our Google Hangout, where we discussed best album from a new artist, surprise album, comeback album and best slept on album, you can watch it below.

Watch Wade-O Radio Team Google Hangout Part 1 Below:


What album was your pick for each category? Do you agree or disagree with our choices?

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