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Best of 2013: Christian Hip Hop Awards


2013 was another strong year for Christian hip hop and one that certainly sparked conversation. Through their music and actions, rappers throughout our scene got people talking about race, leadership, how believers should work with and beside non-believers, and how followers of Jesus react to personal tragedy.

Sho Baraka started things off in January with the release of his Talented Xth album and “Jim Crow” song that had our community asking questions about the value of strong language and how historical relations between races have impacted our faith.

The following month, thanks to Canon’s “Flip Flop Status,” we were talking about what sort of samples are appropriate to use in Christian hip hop and Lecrae’s GRAMMY win had us asking what defines “gospel music.”

In March, conversations were had about sharing stages with mainstream rappers at venues like SXSW and whether or not some artists were chasing the “#1 Spot.” Weeks later, the focus shifted toward “Fal$e Teacher$” and if “call-out” songs were the correct way to address such important issues. It’s also when we learned about the death of Tedashii’s son and saw how 116 fans across the globe rallied to support his family.

As the summer months hit, we learned about the history of Christian hip hop through veteran Soup the Chemist’s informative book, saw a comeback from KamBINO, and discovered the meaning behind Dre Murray’s Gold Rush: Maybe One Day.

As fall approached, we saw many debates follow our post regarding the Top 10 Cities for Christian Hip Hop. We also witnessed fans and fam get behind DJ Official as he underwent a risky bone marrow transplant for cancer.

As the year drew to a close, Lecrae’s Church Clothes 2 mixtape once again kicked off conversations about collaborations with secular rappers, we saw another strong release from Collision Records, and found another occasion to pray for and support one of our own when R-Swift revealed his wife was undergoing a fight with cancer.

As is our tradition here at the Wade-O Radio Show, we’ve pondered the year in Christian Hip Hop 2013 and offered our own take on the movers, shakers, and news makers that made the last 365 days so memorable.

Click the links below to get our take and let us know whether you agree or disagree.

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