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Beleaf – ‘Get a Bar III’ (Official Music Video)


Beleaf from theBreax/ Dream Junkies gives us another sneak peak from his debut album Red Pills + Black Sugar.   Filmed at an undisclosed location, the video finds Beleaf rapping directly into the camera and simply sharing with us what’s on his heart.  Family, Faith, Music and people’s opinions of him are some of the topics he addresses in the clip.

In an as yet published Wade-O Radio Backstage Interview, Beleaf broke down the concept for Red Pills + Black Sugar like this:

Red Pills + Black Sugar is the story of man who has a horrible experience and is going to die soon.  He has to take these red pills in order to survive…I’m not trying to push pills on people.  But that’s where the pills come from.  We all have to rely on something in order to survive.   And Black Sugar is me.  I’m Black Sugar.”

“Get a Bar III” is a bonus track on the project.  You can pre-order Red Pills + Black Sugar here.

Song: “Get a Bar III
Artist: Beleaf
Album: Red Pills + Black Sugar
Producer: Anthony Cruz
Directed by: Utmost Creative

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