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How Beautiful Eulogy United


Birth of Beautiful Eulogy

Urbano had originally joined Humble Beast with the intention of being an in-house producer and instrumental artist. He stayed within that assumed role when he agreed to produce Odd Thomas’ entire next solo album, Satellite Kite. That changed quickly after he and Odd Thomas flew to Denver with Braille to executive produce Native Lungs, Braille’s seventh studio album.

Urbano and Odd Thomas identified their chemistry producing together and birthed the idea of a production team. Braille’s request during a studio session that they create an interlude for Native Lungs inspired the name of this team.

“[Braille] mentioned that he wanted it to sound almost like a eulogy-esque interlude,” said Urbano. “Me and Thomas the night before literally were trying to figure out names of this production team. We were throwing out different stuff, but we really liked it being ‘beautiful something.’ When he said eulogy, we literally both looked at each other and said ‘beautiful eulogy.’”

After Urbano and Odd Thomas finished working on Native Lungs, they returned to Portland and Satellite Kite. They had decided on an album cover and laid out some of the production on the record just before Beautiful Eulogy became a trio.

“Beautiful Eulogy was established when Braille and I, who were running the label, realized that it was incredibly difficult for us to run the label and be two separate artists traveling in different parts of the country,” Odd Thomas told Wade-O Radio. “So, we initially thought about this idea of maybe putting our efforts together to start on a project. When we were working on the Native Lungs record for Braille, we realized that there was a very interesting chemistry that we had—both from the production and just the way we put stuff together.”

The combination of all that and Braille not wanting to create an eighth solo album led to the Beautiful Eulogy and Satellite Kite that fans know today.

Beautiful Eulogy didn’t expect many fans, though.

Beautiful Art

“We had no idea how [Satellite Kite] was going to come out,” said Braille.

The accomplished hip-hop artist wasn’t just living up to the name of his label. Urbano echoed his admission.

“We were thinking people are probably not going to like this,” he said. “That was just our first instinct because it was different. We didn’t know how people were going to react to it. We just knew that we liked it, so we were like, ‘Okay, let’s just put it out and see what happens.’”

Rave reviews from everyone happened (everyone includes Wade-O Radio, Rapzilla, Holy Culture, Sphere of Hip Hop, Jesus Freak Hideout and Patheos). Beautiful Eulogy claims that a major reason for those positive critiques is its chemistry.

Not only does each member live in the same city, but they also all attend the same church. According to Urbano, that’s the difference between Beautiful Eulogy and many other rap groups with members scattered in different states.

“During Satellite Kite, we were seeing each other every Wednesday, every Sunday and a Bible study on Thursdays,” said Braille. “Not only were we working together, not only did we maintain a friendship together, but we maintained very intense fellowship together. We were taking in the same content at the same time and we were able to funnel our conversations through those things, grow together and that just really strengthened and deepened our relationship.”

Braille, Odd Thomas and Urbano have only spent a small fraction of their careers working together as Beautiful Eulogy. However, their relationships in and out of the booth have translated to a chemistry that makes it seem like they’ve always been making music alongside one another.

“Now it’s hard to imagine doing music with anybody else,” said Odd Thomas.

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