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Beautiful Eulogy Speaks on Smaller Humble Beast Roster


In a tweet that went out on July 21, Humble Beast announced they had dropped a considerable amount of artists from their roster. While at Legacy Conference 2015, DJ Wade-O chops it up with the trio known as Beautiful Eulogy to find out the heart behind this decision as well as their recent tour, new music, and the highly anticipated new album from J Givens.

 Click Here to watch Part 2.

Executive Produced by DJ Wade-O
Footage Shot By Seb Young & JBTZ XCLSV
Video Edited by Craige Walkine
Audio Edited by Daniel Cody for Man of God Productions
Graphic Design by JBTZ XCLSV
Motion Graphics by Mwendo LLC

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DJ Wade-O is a New Jersey-based DJ, Radio Host/Producer and blogger who loves Jesus.  He's married and has 3 kids. He also has a tendency to binge watch TV Series via Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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