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B-Luv Freestyle + Interview w/ DJ Wade-O (Live @ JahRock’n)


In Episode 8 of Live @ JahRock’n, B-Luv sits down with DJ Wade-O and talks about the process of making his newest album “Growth”, the role artist Twyse has played in his life, being a youth pastor, and more.

In our interview. We spoke with B-Luv about:

• Process of making album “Growth”
• Who is B-Luv?
• Story behind song “Guidance” featuring Da’ T.R.UT.H. & Twyse
• Making of music video to song “Guidance”
• Role of Twyse in making “Growth”
• 3 Favorite rappers of all time
• Save Da’ T.R.U.T.H. or Twyse from drowning
• Challenges of being a Youth Pastor
• Keeping students from leaving the church after high school


MC B-Luv also dropped some bars with DJ Wade-O on the 1s & 2s in episode 7 of Live @ JahRock’n

B-Luv’s Contact:

E-mail: I Twitter: @imbluv
Executive Produced by DJ Wade-O and JBeatz Xclusive
Footage Shot By JBeatz Xclusive for T38 Creations
Video Edited by JBeatz Xclusive
Audio Edited by Chris Belmont for Jah Rock’n Productions
Graphic Design by JBeatz Xclusive for T38 Crealions
Motion Graphics by Mwita Chacha for Mwendo LLC
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