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D-Tropp Explains Every Song on his new album ‘Away from Home’

D. Tropp The Story Behind The Music

This guest post is written by D. Tropp, a young artist who recently released his debut album ‘Away From Home.’ D. Tropp gives a breakdown and a story behind each track.

1. United Center

I got the beat for United Center a while ago from Swade. He just sent me an email one day and said, “this has Tropp written all over it,” and he was right. I sat on it for a while, though because I didn’t have a set idea for an album yet. I was originally going to call it, “Nothin’ Nice,” but the concept didn’t fit. This was almost a throwaway track because I got a beat from D-Flow and thought it would be perfect for the intro. But we never got that track finished so I played around with this beat some more. I knew I wanted to call the intro, “United Center,” for a couple reasons. The first one being I was born right next to the United Center in Chicago. I think you can actually see the hospital from there. The second reason being I had front row tickets to see Drake’s Would You Like A Tour at the United Center. It was honestly one of the most inspirational moments of my life. The title, “United Center” just felt right. Plus… Michael Jordan left a legacy with that building and he’s one of the greatest of all time.

2. The Drive (ft. Elhae)

This is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. I told Cardec I wanted to make a perfect song to drive to. When I was going through my depression and all that I would take long drives and just listen to music. It was the perfect escape for me. Cardec sent me the beat and it was perfect. I just poured my heart out on this track and let everything out. It was such a weight off my shoulders because at the time I didn’t even know why I was feeling down. This song helped me more than anyone else. Having Elhae on the hook just felt right too. He’s one of my favorite artists and I’d always ride around my city listening to him just to clear my head. He sent that hook back and I knew it was a hit. I got to perform it in Atlanta a few weeks after it was done and he surprised me and sang the hook with me. Those moments will never be forgotten.

3. No Filter (ft. ABIV & John Givez)

The beat for No Filter was one of the first ones I received for the album. I had just quit my corporate, office job and I knew that if I wanted to make music a career, then I had to step it up. I listen to mainstream music more than Christian music because I feel that they set the bar. I’m a huge fan of Kid Ink and something just told me to try and reach out to some of his producers. I contacted DZL and told him my situation and that I wanted to work with him. He’s a real humble dude and we put in some work. I heard ABIV was on Social Club’s album so I wanted to contact him because I love discovering new talent. This guy laced the hook so quick and it was perfect. I texted John about a verse and he didn’t respond so I was thinking he was busy or just didn’t like the song. To my surprise, that night he sent me the dopest verse on the album.

4. Authentic

Authentic is from a beat I heard on Black Knight’s beat sale. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a beat sale track… But this track was too good to pass up. The vibe felt right and I had the melody already made up before I even hit up BK so I went with it. This is just a feel good song for the ladies… That radio feel.

5. Choices

I was in Orlando last October working with Tyshane. We got about 4 songs done, but this was the most memorable. I had just broken up with my girlfriend and we were in the studio trying to come up with an R&B track. As Ty was making the beat I went on Facebook and saw a pic of my ex that made me miss her more than ever. My feelings were fresh and so I wrote the song before Ty finished the beat. It’s the perfect blend of R&B and trap… Something different. This is probably the most honest song on the album.

6. Said & Done

This is another track produced by DZL. I had a lot of trouble coming up with the right melody, but one night everything just clicked. I wrote the verses during the day and when it was time to record, the hook just developed perfectly. I really wanted to tap into my R&B side and show off the vocals a little bit. This is the only ballad-type track on the album.

7. Champagne Showers

I really wrestled with this song, to be honest. One of the struggles that I experienced during my depression was drinking my problems away. I would go out with friends and just have a good time without worrying about consequences or anything that had me down during the week. I wanted the song to express exactly what I was thinking on the weekends. This is a club song… It’s not some sad, “drink my problems away” song. It sounds like a party and I was worried that people wouldn’t understand why that song was on the album. But it’s all a part of the story and I wanted to make it as authentic to my situation as possible. Also produced by DZL.

8. Misbehave (ft. SPZRKT)

A lot of people don’t know the true story behind this song. That’s probably for the best. But I will say that Spaz and I were thinking about a joint project and at the time this song was suppose to go on it. He sent me the hook one day and was like, “you got the first verse.” This was during the last month of college and I was seeing this girl at the time. Long story short I ended up playing her and got caught for it. The original verse I had to this song was about that situation. I sent it to Spaz and he said go harder and so I did. I won’t go into the details of the second verse out of respect, but yes those lyrics are true.

9. For the Moment

Rey King mixed/mastered the entire album and I knew I had to get a beat from him as well. This was the last song I recorded and it’s my favorite without a doubt. It’s based off the bible verse in Ephesians 5:16, which says, “making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.” This song puts the entire album together. I tell a story throughout it, and this song is the happy ending. Rey did an incredible job of capturing the perfect feel-good vibe.

10. Away from Home

I will always have a heart for this song. Cardec sent me this beat and that night I finished it. I didn’t write anything prior to the recording session. I just recorded it line for line and came up with the deepest song on the album. The spirit of God was really working through me and after recording this track I felt my depression being lifted from me. It was truly an amazing experience.

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