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AUDIO: Tony Tillman Speaks on Religious Themes in Hip Hop, Hero Worship, New EP, (Full Interview)

Tune in as DJ Wade-O talks with Tony Tillman of Reflection Music Group about his new EP, the Christian Hip Hop fraternity, hero worship, Trayvon Martin, his biggest mistake in ministry, religious themes in mainstream music and more.

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– On Kanye West’s album Yeezus: “I’m offended by it, but I understand it. He hasn’t been enlightened by the holy Spirit to know who Jesus is.”

– On the CHH Community and Platforms: “We look at someone’s platform and say the platform either has value or doesn’t have value, instead of looking at the artist and the heart behind his/ her music.”

– On the Christian Rap Community: “I look at this Christian Hip Hop community as a fraternity. The Music I make reflects on JSon. It reflects on Derek. It reflects on Lecrae…it becomes scary because you have people that want to be a part of it so bad that they worship the other artists.”

On the pending George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin trial: “At this point, I’m just curious to see how it will all play out…It’s a scary situation man.”

On The Amount of Music he has put out recently: “I’m entering a good place creatively. The past couple of years a lot has changed in my life. My wife just had a baby and I’m just getting back to a place where I can create freely.”

On raising his sister’s kids for a season: “I don’t live in the hood no more. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood. And they come from a different system. They kicked the lot, so we just let them go back home.”

On Canon following everyone in RMG and changing his stage name: “He actually mentioned it one time. But it was more like ‘Man, I ain’t changing my name!”

Lessons learned from the music industry: “Even though what you are doing is seen as a mission from God, there is a business side to it. Just like with anything, there are people who are friends and those who look like friends.”

Biggest Mistake in Ministry: “I would say my biggest mistake was not having a team.”

On reaching out to other artists for his EP: “I always see myself as the cat without the platform. I see everyone else as so much bigger than myself.”

On his music legacy: “I want people to say regardless, his music was real. I was able to relate to his music.”

On the impact of Urban Churches in the Hood: “I judge it on a case by case bases. I believe their are some churches in neighborhoods filled with a lot of violence and a lot crime and they are having an impact.”

On Witnessing to people who Never respond to the gospel: “The frustration comes when we put the onus on us to get them saved.”

On Attending an a predominately white church: “It’s not so much a culture shock for me, but it is for them. I’m from Arkansas…I’m used to dealing with the other race.”

You can stream or download the interview below:

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In our interview, we spoke with Tony Tillman about:

– (01:49) – The Trayvon Martin Trial
– (02:54) – His New EP
– (04:00) – On raising his sister’s kids
– (06:08) – Derek Minor Babysitting his kids
– (08:00) – The Name Change from Brothatone to Tony Tillman
– (11:21) – Lessons learned from the Music Industry
– (14:12) – Biggest Mistake in Ministry
– (16:52) – The ‘Welcome to the Family Album’
– (18:20) – Linking up with Sho Baraka, Tedashii and Beckah Shae on His new EP
– (21:07) – Does the Christian Hip Hop Community over-value platform
– (23:26) – Hero Worship in Christian Hip Hop
– (27:38) – His Legacy as an artist
– (29:49) – Religious Themes in Mainstream Hip Hop
– (34:04) – The Impact of Urban Churches in the hood
– (38:19) – Sharing the Gospel with people who aren’t responding to the gospel
– (42:00) – His involvement in the local church
– (45:32) – Culture shock of attending a predominately white church
– (48:42) – The Lord stretching him in different situations (church, family, music)

Tony Tillman’s Contact:

Web |  Twitter: @TheTonyTillman

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